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Lite partners - Offering services to your customers

A list of all published user guide pages and training videos that will help you using storefront for offering services to your customers. 


Our billing module helps you manage recurring subscriptions, billing intervals, trial periods, invoicing, pro-rating, promotions, taxation and payments in an easy to use, automated system.


With Platform, there is no more need for a separate ticketing system. Your support workflow is totally automated. From the single sign on environment of the Storefront, your customers can also place their support tickets and get updates on every issue they have pinpointed. Billing API

The Billing API is designed to enable 3rd party application to apply several billing actions available through BSS by simple RESTFul calls.

Integrate to

The integration framework is designed to enable data synchronization (accounts, products, invoices etc.) with third party systems. It can be used for integrating with any ERP, Finance, CRM or ticketing system that supports RESTful API.

It requires no development effort since all data synchronization scenarios are defined with a use of a JSON document that follows the OpenAPI-Specification (v3) Standard. This JSON document will be used to describe the third system RESTful API (authentication, API paths and objects) and the transformation schemas between and third party system data objects. 

Basic & Premium partners - Getting started guide

A step-by-step guide for setting up your cloud business storefront

Using Cloud Storefront, you can market all your cloud services input in the Cloud BSS, online, and provide them either to your Resellers or your end customers for review or purchase.

Setup your organization

Access BSS setup area for managing your users and for customising all BSS entities

Service Management API

Service Management API enables integration of new services via implementation of a fixed set of API endpoints that support subscription and access management performed by the central platform


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. platform supports the automatic provisioning of Microsoft Azure service as part of the MS Cloud Services Service Manager we offer. storefront API

The storefront REST API designed to display product details, register customers, add products to the basket, single sign-on customers to the storefront. 




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