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Free Period for a Product

By enabling the free period for a product, the system will not charge the period between the start date of the subscription and the first billing date.Any licenses adjustments the customer does during the free period, they will be free of charge. The free period option can be applied only to monthly recurring products.

For Microsoft CSPs, this feature, along with the price protection, aligns your billing 100% with Microsoft's billing. 

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Customer Billing day: 1st of the month

product is charged upfront:

free period is enabled:

Product price protection 12 months

Product billing cycle: monthly

  • On January 15th the customer purchases 5 "Office 365 Business" licenses with price 10.00 € / month
  • On January 25th the customer purchases 3 extra licenses
  • On February 22nd the customer purchases 1 extra license
  • On June the price for Office 365 Business changes to 11.00 € / month

For more details, please check the Enabling Free Period for a Product page.

Integration with Panda Security 

In this release, we completed our integration with Panda Security. Panda Security is a solution offered by Panda, a company specialized in creating IT security solutions. It provides maximum protection against viruses and malware on all devices 

Generate by Default an Aggregated Invoice for the Reseller

Before this release, the option "separate invoices" was set to true every time the reseller defined a new end customer during checkout. The result is the reseller to receive an invoice per end customer. We changed this behavior and from this release every new end customer has by default the option "separate invoices" to false and the system generates an aggregated invoice to the reseller.

Microsoft Services Reconciliation Tool - BETA

In this release we have implemented a tool for reconciling the subscriptions in Cloud BSS against the subscriptions in Microsoft Partner Center. The reconciliation is performed for the subscription quantities and for the status of the subscriptions. This tool is currently available only to customer success team but soon it will be available to customers too.

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