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Importing your Existing Microsoft Tenants  to Cloud BSS

We have implemented a new tool that can be used for importing partner center tenants in Cloud BSS. This is particularly handy during the initialization of the system by a CSP partner that has already started transacting through CSP Channel. The tool supports MS tenant import under both 'CSP Direct' & 'CSP Indirect' partnership levels. This tools is available in Tools section in the BSS Setup area.

Depending on your CSP partnership level, you can either import all your tenants and their subscriptions as direct customers that are billed from you or you can relate your tenants with the tier-2 reseller that manage them. 

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Upon completion of the import, you BSS will be fully synchronised with you partner center and your partners / customer will be ready to use your Storefront for managing their existing subscriptions and placing new orders.

For more details, please check Bulk Migration of your Existing Customers & Subscriptions (v1 - not used)

Update of Azure Billing Mechanism

Billing Azure subscriptions on billing cut-off date Microsoft charges you

In the new version, we changed the way Azure subscriptions are billed. From this release on, all Azure subscriptions will be billed on the billing cutoff date Microsoft uses for charging each CSP. This was a change driven by necessity, as Microsoft advised that it would ensure proper charge data dissemination.

In cases where a BSS account has a billing day, that is different from the CSP date, then subscriptions for Office 365 services will be priced according customer's billing day, but Azure subscriptions will be charged within the CSP cycle. The CSP cut-off date must be defined in the system, so that the Azure billing cycles are adjusted accordingly.

Using Default Pricelist for Setting Azure Pricing (Applies to Direct CSPs)

From this release, the Direct CSPs can opt to sell to direct customers Azure subscriptions without having to assign manually a pricelist to the created Azure subscriptions. For the system to automatically apply to your Azure subscriptions the margin you desire, you just need to set a default pricelist for your Azure product. Then, all the Azure subscriptions of your direct customers will be automatically related with this default pricelist.

For more details, please check Billing an Azure Subscription

Language Pack Update

The platform is a multi-language environment that supports many language packs out-of-the-box. Moreover, it can easily allow the customization of existing language packs and also the introduction of new language packs. In this release we published our translation management tool that facilitates both these requirements!

You can use our translation tool for:

  • Amending an existing language pack. You can either update the translation directly in the strings grid or by making bulk changes by uploading an excel file with the new translations.

  • Uploading a new language pack. You can activate a new language pack by importing the translation file.

For more details, please check Language Pack Management

BSS Setup Tools Section 

A new section is available at the Setup section of BSS. The BSS Setup Tools section will host various tools that facilitate important administrative / maintenance actions within the platform. 

Having such functions available to platform administrators allows for more control over the system. The Tools section will be expandable, as more tools will be available there over time. will publish updates with these expansions.

For more details, please check BSS Setup Tools

Setting the Billing Day of a Product

You can now define for your recurring products a specific billing day that overrides any billing options the customer might have. For more details, please check Setting Product Billing Day Billing API New Documentation

In this release we published our Billing API documentation using Swagger framework. Using Swagger our API is both machine-readable and human-readable, meaning that you can very easily not only explore our API but you also to test it without writing any extra code.

Check for a sample of our new API documentation.

For testing our Billing API, you will need only to be authorized first using the API credentials you have defined in your BSS. 

Then you will be able to test any API method by setting the input parameters

Storefront - Support for right-to-left Languages

From this release, our Storefront supports right-to-left languages such Arabic or Hebrew. We automatically understand the writing direction of the language the logged in user has selected (or of the default language used for the anonymous visitors) and we adjust Storefront user interface to follow language's writing direction.

Storefront - Check for Existing customers during End Customer Creation

When a reseller defines a new end customer during checkout, we check if there is already an existing end customer with the same name and we inform the reseller accordingly. 

The reseller has the option to either place the order for the existing customer or to continue with the creation of the new customer.

Storefront - Product Code is included in Exported Excel File

The product codes of the invoiced items are now included in the excel that is generated when a customer / partner exports an invoice to an excel file.

Microsoft Cloud Services - Suspend Actions

In this release we redesigned the suspend mechanism for the Microsoft tenants and subscriptions:

  1. BSS Account suspension: We suspend all subscriptions in partner center
  2. Subscription suspension - We suspend the subscription in partner center 
  3. BSS Account un-suspension: We un-suspend all subscriptions in partner center
  4. Subscription un-suspension: We un-suspend the subscription in partner center .

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou the release notes are almost ready. They include what we have implemented in various patches the last 2 months. It remains only a couple of changes in internal pages that will be completed today

  2. Pelagia Papoulidou τελικά θα το βγαλουμε σαν 3.15.0 για να βάλουμε μέσα κάτι διορθώσεις που θα βγουν τις επόμενες μέρες. Ετοίμασε εσύ το newsletter και θα σου πω πότε πρέπει να σταλεί

  3. Pelagia Papoulidou Μπορείς να στείλεις την ανακοίνωση αύριο. Η παραγωγή έβγαλε τον installer του 3.15. Εγώ δεν άλλαξα κάτι μιας και δεν βγήκε κάποιο feature μετά το 3.14.7