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Annual Billing Option for Microsoft Products

From 17th of October Microsoft introduced the ability to create annual subscriptions in partner center. Billing wise our platform already supports annual billing but from this release we will also support the provisioning of annual subscriptions in Microsoft partner center.

For enabling the annual billing option for the Microsoft products, the only things you need to do is:

  • to activate the annual billing cycle in your BSS
  • Select the provisioning of annual subscriptions option in MS Cloud Services settings

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By enabling this option, our platform will perform the following:

  • The "Get Services Definition" action that you are running for updating the Microsoft product catalogue will enable the annual billing cycle to the products that Microsoft supports it (we are getting this information from Microsoft API)
  • The "Office 365 import prices" tool you are running for updating the prices, it will also update the annual prices by applying 12 times the monthly price
  • In your Storefront your customers or resellers will be able to select either monthly or annual billing cycle when they place an order
  • Our integration layer will provision a monthly or an annual subscription in partner center depending on the billing cycle of the subscription in BSS. 

All annual subscriptions are billed from the purchase  date and for a whole year. This means that the unbilled "grace period" (what we call free period in our platform) between purchase date and customer's billing day is not applied to annual subscriptions.

If you are not interested for this feature, you have the option not to activate it. For partners who wish to continue to bill annual subscriptions to their customer but to be billed monthly from Microsoft for these subscriptions, just deactivate this feature and our system will continue to provision only monthly subscriptions in partner center. 

For more details, please check Annual Billing Option for Microsoft Products

Mutually Exclusive Products

In this release we implemented the option to define that two products are mutually exclusive. This means that these two products cannot co-exist under the same customer. for enforcing this rule, our system will not allow a customer to purchase a product if he has already an active subscription for one of the products that are incompatible with this product.

For setting products that are mutually exclusive, the "Set Mutually Exclusive Products" action has been added in the details page of a product. This action displays a pop-up for defining the products that are incompatible with the selected product. 

For the products A and B that have been defined that are mutually exclusive we apply the following rules:

  1. If a customer has an active subscription for product A he cannot buy product B and vice versa. 
  2. If there is an upgrade path from A to B, when the customer tries to purchase B (while having already an active subscription for A), the system will suggest to the customer instead purchasing B to upgrade the subscription A to B.
  3. When a customer tries to upgrade the subscription A to B, the system will enforce him to do a full upgrade meaning that all licenses of A must be upgraded to B. The same applies for downgrading the subscription B to A
  4. If the customer has more than one A subscriptions and selects to upgrade one of them to B, the system will enforce all A subscriptions to be upgraded to B. The same applies for the downgrade scenario.

Azure Add-ons

From this release you can create add-ons for your Azure product. These add-ons can be used for offering managed services to your Azure customers. These add-ons are following the pricing parameters of the Azure subscriptions, meaning that they are billed in arrears on the billing cutoff date Microsoft uses for charging you. These add-ons are not included in the same invoice with the consumption charges for the Azure subscription since they are billed on subscription renewal date and not the date we collect the Azure invoice details from Microsoft. API new Methods

The following changes have been implemented in our API:

  • Addition of ProductType field in api/Invoices GET method. This field has been added to each invoice item the method returns.
  • Addition of PriceProtectionEndDate field in api/Subscriptions GET method. 
  • Addition of IsUnderPriceProtection field in api/Subscriptions GET method.
  • New API methods for managing Leads.

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