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Back Ordering Mechanism for the Tenant Resellers

For the distributors to know what to bill to their tenant reseller, we have implemented a "back ordering" mechanism where all orders and subscriptions updates are propagated from tenant reseller's BSS back to Distributor BSS. The back ordering mechanism unifies the management of both lite and tenant resellers. The distributor has a unified way to manage his resellers since he has the full list of reseller's end customers and their subscriptions in his BSS for both type of resellers.

  • End customers and subscriptions are copied automatically to Distributor for the system to calculate the charges for the resellers. 
  • An order is created in distributor's BSS every time a new subscription is created or updated in reseller's BSS
  • Every changes happen in subscriptions in reseller's BSS (e.g. cancellation, purchase of add-ons, purchase of extra licenses) are propagated also to Distributor BSS for the system to apply these changes to the related subscriptions in his BSS.
  • Each reseller's end customer is copied back to Distributor BSS as a sub-customer of the reseller along with his subscriptions. These subscriptions are billed to reseller based on the pricing rules the Distributor has defined for the reseller.

On this page

When a subscription is created in distributor BSS, the system applies for this subscription the pricing options the distributor has defined for his reseller: the subscription is related with reseller's pricelist, it is renewed based on reseller's billing day and the invoices are generated to the currency the distributor has defined for his reseller.  

For more details, please check Back Ordering Mechanism

You can also check Managing Tenant Resellers documentation for understanding in detail how to manage your tenant resellers.

Adding Extra Fields in Checkout Forms

You can now add extra fields in the checkout forms for getting from your customers the information you need. You can add extra fields in:

  • Check out first page. In this page you can publish custom fields you have created for the Order entity
  • End Customer page. In this page you can publish custom fields you have created for the Account entity

These fields will be visible below the list of items (for the checkout page), or below the default fields (for the end customer form).

For more details, please check Adding Extra Fields in Checkout Forms

Display in Storefront the Retail Prices to your Resellers

From this release you can display to your resellers your retail prices. The prices your reseller sees in your Storefront are the prices you have defined in his pricelist. For the reseller to compare the prices you give him with the retail prices you have for your services, you can select to display to your reseller your retail prices. This is very useful for the Office 365 products where the retail prices you have are Microsoft's SRP prices (since these prices are updated automatically every month).

The retail prices are displayed in product details page.

For more details, please check Display the Retail Prices to Resellers

Automatic Update of Microsoft Office 365 Product Names

We added in the activation settings of Microsoft Cloud Services the option to update the product names every time you are running the Get Services Definition action. If you enable this action, all your Office 365 product will always have the naming convention Microsoft is using.

The new field is called "Product Name" and if you select the "Continuously update names" option, the names of Office 365 products will be updated in automatically every time you run the update process.

Migration of Annual Office 365 Subscriptions

We enhanced our Office 365 tenants import tool to support also migration of annual subscriptions. If the tenant we are about to import has annual subscriptions in partner center, the import process creates annual subscriptions in BSS too.

Display which portion of a Payment has been used for a specific Invoice

In payments section in the invoice details page, we added the field Paid Amount for knowing which portion of a payment has been related with the specific invoice.  This is useful if you have payments that are for more than one invoices.

Tool for updating the MPN ID of a Subscription in Partner Center

In this release we added in the "Change Account MPN ID" tool we are having (you can find it in Tools section in setup area), the option to update also the MPN ID Microsoft keeps for a subscription in partner center account. We added two new fields for defining the subscription ID and whether or not to update partner center too.

Panda Service - Support for Resellers

From this release we support the provisioning of resellers to Panda system. Until now, when a reseller was placing an order for a Panda service on behalf of his end customer, we only registered the end customer in Panda system. From this release we register also the reseller and we also define that the end customer is below this reseller.

Check Registering your Customers and Resellers in Panda System for understanding how the registration of resellers and their sub customer is working. API Updates

The following changes have been implemented in our API:

  • Addition of OnlyActive option in GET /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/addons method. With this new parameter you can now get the cancelled add-ons too for a given subscription.

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