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Setting a Friendly Name for the Subscription

From this release your customers or your resellers can define, during the ordering process, a friendly name for the subscription the system will create. This is helpful for services that the customer might have a lot of subscriptions and he needs a way to recognise them (for example, when the customer has a lot of Azure subscriptions).

The subscription friendly name is updated in Microsoft Partner Center too

For Microsoft cloud services (Office 365, Dynamics, Azure etc.) the friendly name the customer defines in your Storefront it is also used for the naming of the subscription in Microsoft Partner Center and in Azure Portal.

For more details, please check Setting a Friendly Name for the Subscription

On this page

Redesign of Azure Price Calculator

In this release we redesigned the Azure Price Calculator in Storefront for solving various issues we had for displaying pricing options of various resources. Now, the price calculator we have in Azure product details is identical with Microsoft's calculator

Purchase Prices for the non-default Currencies

From this release you will be able to view and set the purchase price not only for the default currency of a product, but for all currencies you have activated for the product. You will be able also to define in price lists that are for a non-default currency, rules based on the cost you have defined for this currency (e.g. cost markup or margin).

Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in 3.17.0 | Released on 16 February 2018


Keep the product types always updated between the tenant reseller and the root organization.

Any changes in product type properties (like addition / removal of attributes, change of min or max values, addition or removal of any rule etc) will be applied to tennant reseller too.

EXL-3574The GET /api/Orders/{orderCode}/OrderItem method returns wrong discount and final price when there are volume discounts or promotions
EXL-3649For an Azure subscription is charged via a credit card, the amount of the Azure invoice to be charged and not the current consumption as it is displayed in subscription
EXL-3723In invoice printouts, for amounts in Hong Kong currency, the sign to be at the beginning of the amount and not at the end

Office 365 import tool for tenant resellers

1) The import not to crash for price protected products

2) The import not to crash for accounts that are having emails that include the single quote (') character

EXL-3667A product type attribute of "check boxes" type to work correctly when there is a rule that applies for this attribute
EXL-3459The product prices for a non-default unit to be copied correctly during the creation of the tenant reseller
EXL-3763When you add via Storefront extra licenses to a subscription that is not related with a pricelist , do not relate the subscription with account's default pricelist after the action.
EXL-3787The synchronization of an account as a Cloud OSS reseller not to fail if there isn't a BSS admin user with access to accounts module
EXL-3323The action "Quick Create Account" not to crash when it is executed from the details page of an email

Issues Resolved in 3.17.1 | Released on 26 February 2018

EXL-3796For Storefront users that have selected the Turkish language, the quantity in the confirmation page of the checkout process is displayed multiplied by 100
EXL-4018Azure subscriptions are billed wrongly because Microsoft invoice does not contain all invoice lines the first time we collect the data
EXL-3250During provisioning Office 365 Business licenses, do not take into consideration the quantity of the subscriptions that are in failed provisioning status
EXL-3886In service details step in checkout process to display the correct Microsoft instance name
EXL-3939Do not allow to a BSS user to delete a currency if for this currency there are related records (e.g. price lists, orders, offers etc.)
EXL-3960Collection of Azure resources - do not use a delta approach but recalculate the whole consumption based on the set of resources received from Microsoft API

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou Unknown User (e.kolliga) the release notes for 3.17.1. There isn't something big but we need to send the usual update. Eleni call me for explaining you the features that have been included in this release. Also from this release we will include and the bug fixes (the resolved issues section)

  2. Vasilios Zografos Vicky Proikoglou from this release I include also the bug fixes per patch. I haven't got them automatically from Jira because we will need to define security scheme in express project in order to define which issues are viewable from anonymous users.. We need to discuss it together vicky

    1. Good job, please arrange for a meeting