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Integration Framework

The integration framework is designed to enable data synchronization (accounts, products, invoices etc.) with third party systems. It can be used for integrating with any ERP, Finance, CRM or ticketing system that supports RESTful API.

It requires no development effort since all data synchronization scenarios are defined with a use of a JSON document that follows the OpenAPI-Specification (v3) Standard. This JSON document is used for describing the third system RESTful API (authentication, API paths and objects) and the transformation schemas between and third party system data objects. 

For more details, please check Integrate to

On this page

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector

Supported versionsDynamics NAV 2013 R2, Dynamics NAV 2015, Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics NAV 2018

Supported Synchronization OptionsAccounts, Contacts, Products, Invoices, Invoice Items, Orders, Order Items, Payments

In this release we implemented the connector with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using our integration framework.  We support the following Push (sending data to Dynamics NAV) and Pull (getting data from Dynamics NAV) methods.






Invoice Items


Order Items


For more details, please check Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector

Localization of Azure Calculator

From this release, the Azure calculator that we have in Storefront will be localised in logged in user's language. The languages that are supported are the following: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Icelandic, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese.

If user's language is not supported, it will be displayed in english. 

Improvements for Tenant Reseller Update Process

In this release we have implemented any changes on product type properties that are performed in root organization, to be propagated also to tenant reseller BSS:

  • Addition of new order or product characteristic
  • Update of an existing order or product characteristic
  • Change of min / max value of a slider property
  • Addition of display rules

Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in 3.17.3 | Released on 22 March 2018

EXL-4011Storefront performance is degrading significantly when the prices for the anonymous user include the tax amount.
EXL-4133For Azure invoices do not allow the generation of credit invoices
EXL-4125For generic credit card payments that are not for a specific invoice, we should pass to the payment gateway the invoice currency and not the default currency of the organization
EXL-3896For credit card payments using the VIVA gateway sometimes the order remain in "awaiting payment" status

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Unknown User (e.kolliga)  the 3.17.3 release notes. Let's discuss them when you can and try to send to the customers on Monday

  2. Stamatis Barbounakis  Unknown User (p.smyrli)  Panagiotis Axiotis  Stavros Samiotis  Vasilios Zografos  Costas Flocas Michael Angelos Nikolaidis   the release notes for 3.17.3 I'll schedule next week a meeting for explaining you what is the integration framework

  3. Unknown User (e.kolliga)  mporeis na me kaleseis ayrio prwi gia na to doume mhpws kataferoume kai to steiloume ayrio? cc Pelagia Papoulidou