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Improvements in Invoice Export to Excel Facility

The aggregated invoices that are generated for a reseller, can be exported to excel from the respective action in Storefront. In this release we improved the layout of the excel:

  • A header line with the invoice number and the type of the invoice has been added
  • A new column with the end customer name has been added
  • The billing period has been broken in 2 columns: Start Date and End Date

These improvements will help the reseller to better manipulate the excel and to filter out lines for specific customer or period.

On this page

 Addition of "Secondary Email" field in Workspace End User Form

For ISVs that have implemented the "Users Management" end points of our Service Manager API, the user creation form now includes a new field called "Secondary Email". 

Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in 3.17.4 | Released on 26 March 2018


Issues displaying prices in Storefront for products with multiple billing cycles

  • Crash in product details page in Storefront when you select a different billing cycle
  • The add-on annual retail price is not displayed in product details page in Storefront when I change the billing cycle
  • Add-on prices are not displayed in Storefront if the product has multiple billing cycles and one of the billing cycles is not active for the add-on

The "update tenant reseller" process set product prices to null for tenant resellers with the following configuration:

  • The tenant reseller supports multi currency and at least two currencies have been activated
  • Tenant's organization default currency is different from the currency of the pricelist that is used by the distributor for updating his organization
EXL-4230When a new currency is activated in a tenant reseller, all the billing cycles are available for this currency instead of only the billing cycles the distributor supports.
EXL-4225The edit / save action of the pricing options of a product in a tenant reseller organization de-assigns the non default billing cycles from the product

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