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New Price Protection Features

In this release we have redesigned our price protection feature. Until now when a subscription was under price protection we protected subscription's final unit price. 

With the new implementation:

  • We'll protect the sell and cost price the product had on purchase date. 
  • We will allow you to change the pricing rules of a protected subscription by changing its price list, defining a special discount or by changing the protected sell and cost price.

With the new implementation the final unit price of a protected subscription can change during the protected period.  Our system will handle the protected subscriptions similar with the non-protected subscriptions meaning that in each renewal or change quantity the unit price will be calculated.

For more details, you can check the FAQ about New Price Protection Features.

On this page

 Zendesk Connector

Supported versionsAny version on

Supported Synchronization OptionsContacts, Cases

In this release we implemented the connector with zendesk using our integration framework.  We support the following Push (sending data to zendesk) and Pull (getting data from zendesk) methods.




For more details, please check Zendesk Connector

Payment Gateway Integration Framework

 The Payment Gateway integration framework is for developers that wish to integrate our platform with a payment gateway. 

For more information, please check Payment Gateway Integration Framework (old v1 - not public)

 Stripe Payment Gateway

From this release, platform supports credit card payments using the Stripe Payment Gateway.

  • Once Stripe has been configured in your BSS, a new step will be displayed during checkout where the customer will be redirected to an inline page hosted by Stripe for entering his credit card details. 

  • All invoices will be charged automatically using the token we have collected from Stripe for the credit card the customer entered.

For more details, please check Stripe Payment Gateway

Resolved Issues

EXL-3309The password policy is not applied when the user registers in Storefront
EXL-3309Registration is completed without accepting the Terms of Use
EXL-3698Notification without any conditions are not working
EXL-3698The notification conditions are not working if the fields values are not in organization default language
EXL-4276For existing Azure subscriptions imported in Cloud BSS, sometimes the system invoices not only the current billing cycle but the previous one too.
EXL-1444Promotion available only via a specific price list - Promotion discount is not applied to resellers sub customers
EXL-3930Re-activation of a suspended Office 365 subscription does not re-activate the related add-ons.

Update tenant process - The activation of a new billing cycle for a product crashes the update process because the system tried to create a new copy of the product in tenant BSS instead of activating the new billing cycle in the existing product.

EXL-4327Update tenant process - The update tenant process does not update correctly the available billing cycles of the products if the price list includes two or more products with the same name (i.e. from two different Microsoft partner center accounts)
EXL-4333Update tenant process - The cost value that has been defined in a property of a product type is not copied in tenant reseller BSS
EXL-4378Update tenant process - Any changes in the grouping of the variations of a product type are not propagated to tenant reseller BSS during the update process
EXL-4387update tenant process - the process crashes if in the tenant BSS a second Microsoft instance has been created.
EXL-3575Update Microsoft product prices process - The prices for the non default billing cycle for the secondary currency of a product are set to 0.
EXL-4477Unable to pay with a new credit card if you are using Paymill or Xendit
EXL-3547The Get /api/Invoices API method is missing the discount lines that a debit invoice has
EXL-4029The cancellation requests are not automatically executed because of the daylight offset issue
EXL-4041The account search and the loading of the accounts list crashes if in the results set there is an account with the special character 0x000B VT Vertical Tab
EXL-4137A BSS user cannot assign a product to a product group because the product is not available in the currency the BSS user has defined in his profile
EXL-4138Provisioning of Azure subscription fails because the access role was not granted successfully. The access role cannot be granted successfully because Microsoft API takes some times more than 3 minutes to provision the Azure subscription
EXL-910Payment problem using an existing credit card in marketplace
EXL-4328Invoice payment error using an existing Authorize .net card when Avalara is also activated.
EXL-4349When you display the products that are related with a price list via a price group, do not load the product groups of the products
EXL-4284Double pending invoices are created for Azure Subscriptions
EXL-3618For the unpaid invoices the "date paid" field has value 01/01/0001
EXL-4075Storefront may crash when for an anonymous user because of faulty management of anonymous user session management
EXL-4321Creation of a price list crashes at Internet Explorer because ECMAScript 6 is not supported

Daylight saving time issue. This issue had medium effect to the following functionality:

  • Subscriptions renewals / activation
  • Invoices generation
  • Execution of cancellation requests
  • Notifications dispatching
  • Reporting based on date criteria
EXL-4386The save button of the Authorize .net card form is outside the limits of the pop-up when you select to pay an unpaid invoice in Storefront
EXL-4330For german speaking customer, the totals of the Azure calculator are displayed multiplied by 100
EXL-1504HE 2016 service manager - users of other organizations may be added in permissions of a user mailbox

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Unknown User (e.kolliga)  the 3.18.0 releases (still in progress) that we should sent to the customers next Tuesday. Let's have a call tomorrow to discuss it

  2. Haris Vagenas  Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi)  Unknown User (n.daras)  3.18 release notes are ready. Sent them to anyone who has asked them.