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Invoicing a Customer in his Local Currency (Transaction Currency)

From this release platform supports to bill your customers in their local currency by generating their invoice in this currency using the exchange rate you have defined. This is accomplished by defined two currencies per customer: the account base currency, which is the primary currency and what we supported up to now, and the transaction currency that is used for converting all invoices from the account currency to the transaction currency using the exchange rate you have defined between these two currencies. When you define for a customer a transaction currency, the system keeps all invoices in both currencies. 

The system uses the transaction currency for:

  • Converting all customer invoices to his transaction currency using the exchange rate on invoice date.
  • Accepting credit card payments on transaction currency.  

The system will continue to use the account base currency for:

  • Calculating customer's balance. All financial entities (debit invoices, credit invoices, payments and refunds) are kept in account currency and are used for the calculation of customer's balance
  • Calculating customer's financial info like available credit, overdue payments, annual subscriptions amount, lifetime subscriptions amount and monthly run rate.
  • Displaying product prices in the Marketplace.
  • Subscriptions amount. All customer subscriptions are kept in account base currency.
  • Customer's offers and orders. 

For more details, please check Invoicing in Local Currency (Transaction Currency)

On this page

If you are interested especially for the billing of the Azure subscriptions, please check Billing your Azure Subscriptions in a Currency different from the Currency Microsoft Bills you

Upgrading a Lite Reseller to Tenant Reseller

In this release we have implemented the upgrade process for a lite reseller.  The upgrade process includes 4 easy steps: creation of the tenant reseller, copy of his customers, his subscriptions and finally the activation of the backordering process.

For more details, please check Upgrading a Lite Reseller to Tenant Reseller

Billing Info of Existing MS Partner Center Tenant

A major improvement is available for the Microsoft CSP automation, concerning the on-boarding process of an existing partner center tenant onto Cloud Platform. A big issue was that, when tenants that had missing or invalid billing information on the Microsoft applications, were moved under the CSP channel, there were synchronisation issues. On this version, the system will apply the billing address that is collected during ordering, on the Bill-to-Info details of the tenant in partner center, even for existing tenants. Especially for CSP Indirect Partners, make sure you follow the instructions here

Integration with Microsoft Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure Technologies that enables you to run Azure services inside your own environment and gives the opportunity to your customers to build and deploy cloud-based applications the cost-effective way. Azure Pack connector enables you to fully automate the ordering and the provisioning of your IaaS offerings by offering to your customers an experience similar to Microsoft Azure. 

Asking Consent for Using Contact Personal Data

We continue to improve the regulatory compliance component of the platform, introducing a feature for explicitly asking storefront users to provide their consent for using their personal data (i.e. in marketing campaigns etc.). The new feature includes the way to edit the message that will be displayed to the storefront customer, to edit the privacy policy clauses, to manage the status of the consent for new and existing customers, and also the logging mechanism to access past consent events.

For more details please check Ask for Customers Consent for the Usage of their Personal Data

Storefront Cookies Management

In this release we implemented the first version of our cookies management. Any new visitor is now informed for the existence of non-persistent cookies that are essential for the normal functionality of the site.

Log for Registration Page Terms of Use Acceptance

The customer acceptance of the site 'Terms of Use' during registration, is now being registered in the system. System administrators can access the respective logs and even export them through this extension of the Cloud Platform logging mechanism.

For more details please check Log Records

Improvements for Tenant Reseller / Country Tenant Update Process

We have further improved the tenant catalogue update process by implementing the following gaps:

  • Products deactivated in root organization are now deactivated in tenant organization too.
  • Any new product groups are now copied to the tenant organization during the update process. The product groups are copied along with their marketing material.
  • Any changes between your products and your product groups (addition of a new product to a group, move of a product to a different group etc.) are pushed to your tenant organizations too.
  • The trial options you have defined in your products are copied also to your tenant organizations.

Improvements on Office 365 Migration Tool

On this version, we have made several improvements to our O365 migration tool (fast track on-boarding tool for existing partner center tenants!).

Now, the migration process will support all Microsoft billing scenarios, a fact which in relation to the extensive billing module of the platform, provides even better flexibility to the CSP for keeping track the charges for their Office 365 transactions.

For more details please check here: Bulk Migration of your Existing Customers & Subscriptions (v1 - not used)

Storefront Single-Sign-On Mechanism available now for the Tenant Organizations

We improved our SSO mechanism to work in multi-tenant mode and to be able to be activated for your tenant organizations (both for country and reseller tenants) too.

Azure Calculator Re-branding

The Azure Calculator component, under the Microsoft Azure Service at the Storefront, is now subject to the same configuration rules that are used for the Storefront re-branding

Syncing an Existing Microsoft Tenant using his Primary Domain

On this version, we improved the way you can synchronize an account from BSS with an existing Microsoft tenant. If your tenant has a primary domain different from his domain, you can now enter his primary domain in "domain prefix" field and the system will synchronise it with your account.

Price Protection Improvements

Another feature that was improved this version is Price Protection for MS subscriptions. Some changes are the following:

  • The system will support only one subscription under price protection and one under user defined discount for the same customer/product. That means, that if a customer has an existing subscription under price protection, then they can have only a second subscription having a user based discount for the same product.
  • For subscriptions under price protection, you can now enter a user-defined discount.

Panda Service Manager Technical Improvement

Keeping in line with the continuous technical modernisation of the platform, the service manager for Panda Services has undergone a major technical re-vamp at this version. Technical and architectural improvements may not be immediately apparent at the user level, but they are a major reason your Cloud Platform supports your business requirements with efficiency and effectiveness!

 QuickBooks Connector

Supported versionsAny version of Quickbooks on

Supported Synchronization OptionsAccounts, Contact, Products, Invoices, Orders, Payments

In this release we implemented the connector with QuickBooks using our integration framework.  We support the following Push (sending data to zendesk) and Pull (getting data from zendesk) methods.








For more details, please check Quickbooks Connector

 ConnectWise Connector

 Supported versionsAny version of ConnectWise Manage on

Supported Synchronization OptionsAccounts, Contact, Products, Invoices, Orders, Payments

In this release we implemented the connector with ConnectWise using our integration framework.  We support the following Push (sending data to zendesk) and Pull (getting data from zendesk) methods.








For more details, please check ConnectWise Connector

Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in 3.18.1

EXL-4682Invoices not showing in subscription view
EXL-4620For Invoices that include taxes that are calculated from Avalara system, only the amount before tax is charged to the credit card
EXL-4759Insufficient permissions for provisionings Acronis service
EXL-4578Downgrade between mutually exclusive products returns unhandled error
EXL-4565The execution of a cancellation request returns error
EXL-4509Country States drop-down is not populated in My profile page in Storefront
EXL-4423The API method for cancelling an invoice allows you to cancel a paid invoice
EXL-4421 Report error due to 'Storefront User Status' field
EXL-4412MUR currency is not displayed correctly in Storefront
EXL-4375 Panda subscription failed with error 'PANDA_ERROR_GenericError'
EXL-4353Payment records of check type are not visible on account details page
EXL-4319PaisISO parameter for the Panda service is not defined correctly
EXL-4145Account that has failed to be synced with MS partner center because of invalid billing address cannot be synced even after the correction of the billing address in partner center.
EXL-4036Activation of a suspended Microsoft subscription produces errors in add-ons quantities

Issues resolved in 3.19.0

EXL-4749On price protection annual renewal, the new end date for the protected period is wrong
EXL-4184The Moroccan dirham (DH) currency symbol is displayed wrongly in notifications and in basket page
EXL-4550The "Get Services Definition" action for the MS Cloud services returns timeout if there are have been defined many sub product types
EXL-4842MInor UI corrections on Azure Pack Pricing calculator
EXL-4648The redirection to payment gateway credit card form fails
EXL-4619Not able to assign products to a pricelist when pricelist has a different currency than the BSS user
EXL-4581Crsh when saving a credit card payment in BSS
EXL-4689Product type properties of numeric drop down type are crashing on view mode
EXL-4760Azure Pack calculator - retail prices are not displayed correctly
EXL-4654The credit card token received from Paymill is not saved when the customer makes a payment for increasing his available credit
EXL-4384The edit /dave of a system notification in a tenant reseller creates a duplicate notification if the notification has an attachment
EXL-4754Non branded notifications were dispatched from a tenant reseller if in the root organization the notification had been updated before been copied down to the tenant
EXL-4668Office 365 customers migration tool creates subscriptions with activation date on day before because of time zone issues

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Unknown User (e.kolliga)  Vasilios Zografos  Vicky Proikoglou  Anastasios Tsipidis  Haris Vagenas  Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi)  Unknown User (n.daras)  Athanasia Kourti  release notes are ready and public.  All features are documented apart Azure pack. Is missing only a new feature (new logging mechanism) where I'm waiting from Stelios Draganidis  and Vicky Proikoglou  to send me the details.

  2. Stamatis Barbounakis  Miltos Antoniadis Unknown User (p.smyrli) Stavros Samiotis  Panagiotis Axiotis these are the release notes for 3.19.0. It has already been applied to our BSS and to Azure EU. On bssdemo it will be applied today ta night