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Currencies Management

In this release we introduced a new interface for defining how you want the prices to be displayed for a specific currency. You now have the option to define the currency locale, the currency sign, the decimal and thousand separators and also where the sign will be positioned.

For more details, please check Managing your Currencies

On this page

Storefront Web Compliance

We continued the effort we started in our previous release for our Storefront to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AAA and and to fully support html5. The new enhancements are the following

  1. Using Meaningful Link Text
  2. Ensure markup documents contain well-formed elements
  3. Use of generic metadata
  4. User of SEO metadata for the products. We have included the tags description, keywords and canonical for each product listed in your Storefront

Integration Connector Scheduler

From this release you can schedule how often the data will be synced for your integration connectors using our new "Scheduled Jobs" setup option. For each integration you can define the data to be synchronized from every minute to once per month.

For more details, please check Integration Instance Scheduler

Custom Fields now available in Invoice Printout in Storefront

You can now include in your invoice printout custom fields that will be available when the customer views or downloads the printout from your Storefront. These custom fields must be marked as "available in Storefront".

For more details, please check Customize Invoice Print-out

The quantity of an Azure subscription cannot change

From this release, the BSS users will not be able to change the quantity of an Azure subscription. By default the quantity of a new Azure subscription will be zero and it will change to one when the first usage records have been collected for this subscription.

{#Invoices.dateFormat#} Field now Available for Print-outs and Notifications

A new merge field called Invoices.dateFormat was added in the list of available fields for the invoices records. This field returns the format of the dates displayed in an invoice notification or print-out.

The format of the date fields follow customer preferences (e.g. the date format he has defined in his profile), so we believe that this field is useful for the receiver of the invoice pdf file or email to understand in which format the dates are displayed.

 Resolved Issues

EXL-5342Azure calculator is not loaded correctly
EXL-5291Integration framework - Delete Push event not Triggered for products and contacts
EXL-5278Hosted Exchange Service Manager - Fix 'Import from CSV' for importing new mailboxes
EXL-5269The new notifications for the Storefront user password management are inactive by default

The "Apps & Services" Storefront page crashes when the logged in user has a different currency than the Storefront default currency.

EXL-5267Contact us link was renamed to 'Open in a new window'
EXL-5248The execution of orders with many items that include order characteristics is not completed because of time out.
EXL-5243The "Apps & Services" Storefront page crashes when the products are in Pakistani Rupee currency

The API method GET /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/attributes returns 404


The methods GET /api/invoices/{id} and api/invoices/{code} return internal server error


Creation of a new subscription with start date in the past may fail by producing a timeout if the system needs to create and invoice many previous billing cycles.

EXL-5190The API method POST /api/Contacts fails if custom fields values have been included in the request body.
EXL-4914The default value for "This customer pays with" account property should be the same with account's currency and not the first currency.

Back ordering issue - The back ordered subscriptions are created with zero unit price if the currency of the API user is different from organization's default currency.

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  1. Stelios Draganidis  Dimitra Tsiogka  can you check and tell me if I missed any new implementation?

  2. Pelagia Papoulidou  we need to send tomorrow the release notes newsletter. the release notes are ready

  3. Apostolos Karakaxas  μόνο τα σχετικά θέματα με το SEO δεν υπάρχουν πουθενά και είναι ήδη μέρος του 3.21.0. Νομίζω είναι καλά να προστεθούν και αυτά στην λίστα με κάποιο τρόπο.

    Οι αλλαγές αφορούν:

    Για τα 2 παραπάνω θέματα, ο Ioannis Grivas μπορεί να σας δώσει περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες.

    Dimitra Tsiogka Haris Vagenas  Athanasia Kourti Unknown User (n.daras) Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi)

  4. Apostolos Karakaxas  είδα τελικά ότι αναφέρεις το θέμα στην παράγραφο Storefront Web Compliance, οπότε μάλλον είναι περιττό κάτι περισσότερο. Δεν υπάρχει επομένως κανένα άλλο θέμα.

    Dimitra Tsiogka Haris Vagenas Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (n.daras) Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi) Ioannis Grivas