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New API Methods for Subscriptions

In this release we implemented a new set of API methods for our Subscriptions module. The following methods are available in 2.2 version

API MethodDescription
GET /api/Accounts/{accountId}/subscriptionsbilledtoIt returns the list of the subscriptions that are billed to the specific account
GET /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/pricingInfoIt returns the pricing info for a specific subscription (related pricelist, unit price and discounts, protected cost and sell price etc.)
GET /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/addon/{addonId}/pricingInfoIt returns the pricing info for a specific add-on
POST /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/pricinginfoIt updates the pricing info of a subscription
POST /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/addon/{addonId}/pricinginfoIt updates the pricing info of an add-on
POST /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/protectedprices/setIt updates the protected sell and cost price of a subscription

POST /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/addon/{addonId}/protectedprices/set

It updates the protected sell and cost price of an add-on

POST /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/protectedprices/remove

It removes a subscription from price protection
GET /api/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/characteristicsIt returns the order and product characteristics of a subscription

For more information, check please our API Documentation

On this page

API Versioning and Deprecation Policy Platform  API is versioned in order to provide maximum backwards-compatibility to external applications and allow for maximum flexibility for future expansion. From 3.21.1 release, all new platform customers (i.e. all new organizations that will be activated after 3.21.1 release in any cloud or on-premise installation of our platform) are required to include the 'X-Api-Version' header to all API requests. 

Before 3.21.1 release, the definition of 'X-Api-Version' header was not necessary and API Version 1.0 was served as default version. We keep this functionality unaffected for the organizations created prior to 3.21.1 release in order not to cause any compatibility issues to our existing customers. But it is strongly advised to update you code and include the 'X-Api-Version' header to all API requests.

For more details, please check API Versioning and Deprecation Policy

Automatic Update of Sell Prices for a Country Tenant or a Tenant Reseller

You now have the option when you update your tenant to update also the sell prices of the products the reseller inherits from you. This option is available in the update tenant process.

  • For the tenant reseller this is optional. The distributor can select if he wants for a tenant reseller to update the sell prices too.
  • For the country tenant this is enforced automatically from our system. When a country tenant is updated, we always update the sell prices.

For more information, please check Applying Distributor Updates

Improvements in Integration Framework

In 3.21.1 release we included the following fields in supported JSON objects:

  • In InvoiceItem object we added the SubscriptionID field that returns the ID of the related subscription.
  • We included in ProductType object the attributes arrays.

For more details, please check JSON Objects

New Fields for Invoice Items Report

In this release we expanded the list of available fields for the Invoice Item object. We included fields related with the subscription and the end customer of the invoice item. These fields will be very useful, especially for Microsoft CSPs, because they will be able to reconcile the charges produced by our platform with the charges they receive from Microsoft. 

Subscription External IdThis field returns the Id that is kept in the provisioning system for the subscription that was billed via the specific invoice item. For Office 365 services, this ID is the ID of the subscription in Microsoft partner center
Subscription IDThe internal ID we keep for the subscription record
End Customer CountryThe country of the end customer that is using the service.

Note: These fields are available only for the analytical invoice items. The aggregated items are related with more than one subscription or end customer and these fields will return null values.

 Resolved Issues

EXL-4600Customer's available credit is not increased when the customer add a payment from Storefront's Billing section
EXL-5259Integration framework -  The fields CreatedAt, UpdatedAt of the OrderItem object do not have correct values
EXL-5421Log error at Storefront user reset password
EXL-5402The update tenant process fails if there are more than 2100 items in the pricelist
EXL-4376The value suffix of a product type variation is not copied to tenant BSS during the update tenant process
EXL-4765Pending Azure invoices with zero amount should be generated automatically after 20 days from subscription renewal date.
EXL-5371The subscription amount of a subscription that is for a product billed via excel file is not calculated correctly because of the new currencies culture implementation
EXL-5371The total of an index graph in reports is not displayed correctly because of the new currencies culture implementation
EXL-5364Integration framework - OrderItem object is null in InvoiceItem Object
EXL-5396Integration frameworks - unnecessary or duplicate messages for deletion actions are added in the queue
EXL-5372Storefront's terms of use pop-up crashes
EXL-4857The "last update" date for the "Get Services Definitions" action is not updated correctly and it remains the previous one.
SM-1093Error message returned for add-on provisioning actions (create/update/cancel) are not getting displayed in Storefront
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  1. Unknown User (n.daras) Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi) Haris Vagenas Athanasia Kourti 3.21. release notes are ready. I don't know yet when we'll apply it to EU and US, probably until Monday.

  2. Pelagia Papoulidou  you must prepare the 3.21.1 newsletter. We will send it probably Monday or Tuesday.