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Integration Framework - Removal of duplicate messages in Service Broker Queue

In this release we improved the management of duplicate messages in the integration framework queue. We no longer allow the queue to be flooded by duplicate messages.

The "Update Sell Prices" Option is not Preselected in Update Tenants Process

In previous release we introduced the feature to update the sell prices of the products in tenant reseller organization. After receiving our customers feedback regarding this new feature, we decided in this release this option not to be preselected for the tenant resellers organizations. For the country tenants is still compulsory.

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 Resolved Issues

EXL-5490Panda Service Manager - Account fails to by synchronized.
EXL-5492PANDA_ERROR_NO_SUCH_PRODUCT_TO_CANCEL when deleting a subscription.
EXL-5494Panda subscription is not synchronized
EXL-5357The "loading page..." pop-up is displayed multiple times in BSS when working with Chrome browser.
EXL-5325Cloud App configuration and Get Services definition action is not working on Chrome browser.
EXL-5497Subscription view page - price protection ribbon scheduled for next billing cycle is not displayed
EXL-4845The product type properties that are inherited from a parent product type are not updated in tenant organization when the tenant does not include at least one product of the parent product type.
EXL-5324Private IPs are stored in log entries when a load balancer is used for the platform applications servers.
EXL-5198Cloud OSS - Hosted Exchange 2016 Service Manager failures

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha these are the release notes for 3.21.2 it's a small patch for bug fixing. Prepare the newsletter today if it's possible.

  2. Unknown User (n.daras) Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi) Athanasia Kourti Haris Vagenas  if you have on premise customer that has an issue fixed in 3.21.2 send him info to do the update and send this link also

  3. Dimitra Tsiogka  Stelios Draganidis  Vicky Proikoglou  paidia gia to 3.21.2 den brhka kana allo feature pou oloklhrwthike... peite mou an xanw kati.. gia to ESD den egrapsa kati giati logika tha to baloume sto epomeno otan teleiwsei plhrws....