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Sub Customer is Related with Reseller's MPN ID During Import

The sub customers of a reseller that are imported in your BSS using our Microsoft import tool are now related with reseller's MPN ID. For each Microsoft tenant that is created in BSS as a sub customer of a reseller, we now set in his sync options reseller's MPN ID in the related field.

For more details, please check Importing Partner Center Customers

Resolved Issues

EXL-2953Error deleting an account when you have un-synchronized it and synchronize it with a new Microsoft tenant
EXL-5863API method  PATCH /api/products/{productId}/pricing/prices returns error when the selected unit is not the default unit.
EXL-5751Microsoft tenants import tool - The subscriptions are created inactive and unsynchronized
EXL-3636Microsoft tenants import tool - For some account no subscriptions have been imported
EXL-5227Microsoft tenants import tool - Subscription add-ons are not imported
EXL-5807In Subscriptions and Assets sections that include records in multiple currencies, the groups totals are not correct
EXL-5903corrections for products importer error messages
EXL-5910Unhandled error occurred while trying to set inactive a credit card via BSS account view page.

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