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Provisioning up to Two Office 365 Business Subscriptions

The provisioning mechanism for the Office 365 Business licenses (and in general for any Office 365 plan that Microsoft supports up to two subscriptions in partner center) has been amended and from this release we support the provisioning of one monthly and one annual subscription for these plans in partner center.

You can now have both a monthly and an annual subscription for the same customer related with the correspondent subscriptions in the partner center. If you have more than one Office 365 Business subscription for the same billing cycle in your BSS, all these subscriptions will be synced with the same partner center subscription and the licenses will be aggregated from all subscriptions.

For more details, check please Ordering Office 365 Business Plans

 Integration with AVG BETA

The new version of our service manage enables your resellers and end-customer not only to purchase a new AVG SKU, but also to increase, renew and upgrade their licenses. The implementation of the AVG ordering wizard has been completed and your resellers or your customers can fully order and manage their AVG licenses from the Storefront.

What it remains is the completion of the AVG ordering process from BSS. This is expected to be delivered within January 2019.

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