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 Integration with AVG BETA

In this release we completed the ordering of new AVG licenses from BSS.  What it remains for completing the AVG service manager is the support of the increase, renew and upgrade actions from inside BSS.

If you wish to start working with our AVG service manager, check please the AVG Integration guide we have published in our knowledge base. This guide is work in progress and it will be completed in our next release.

Resolved Issues



EXL-6042AVG asset records are not displayed in Storefront Licenses section
EXL-6061DoS Attack through ImageHandler
EXL-5975Duplicate charges on invoices because of delays in the completion of the Billing Service
EXL-6013Error 404 is raised in MCA pop-up form when adding extra licenses for an existing subscription
EXL-6029Office 365 import tool - Import of customer and subscriptions fail when the subscription product belongs to a child product type
EXL-6030Checkout is not completed for products that are taxed via Avalara system and customer's consent is required for the MCA agreement.
EXL-5908Products Importer - New products are not assigned automatically to the product group that has been configured to include all the products of a specific product type
EXL-5463Tenant Resellers - A Storefront user cannot be created via BSS before the first login of a user in tenant's Storefront

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  1. Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi) Haris Vagenas Unknown User (n.daras) the release notes for 3.23.6. This patch will be applied to EU today and to US tomorrow. For on premise customers that have issues fixed in this release, send them the patch link along with the release notes and ask them to do the upgrade.

  2. Milena Kalathathe release note for 3.23.6 is ready. Send it today if you can by adding a note that the EU will be updated today cc Pelagia Papoulidou  Anastasios Tsipidis Vasilis Tsantiotis