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Export Azure Current Consumption to an Excel File

Your customers and resellers can now export in an excel file the current consumption of their Azure subscriptions. This is possible from the export facility we added in the "Usage Records" section of an Azure subscription.

In the excel file we include the following information for each resource:

  • Resource Name
  • Resource Category
  • Resource Subcategory
  • Consumption per Unit
  • Usage Charges

For more details, please check Export of Usage Records to Excel

Microsoft ESD Service Manager - Automation for Ordering Multiple Licenses

In the first version of our ESD service manager you couldn't place an order for more than one ESD license. If you needed more than one licenses, you should add separately each license in the basket. From this release, you can select the number of licenses you want and the system will automatically add the correct set of items in the basket. We keep multiple items in the basket, instead of one item with the total quantity, because each basket item will be converted to an asset record for keeping the ESD token and activation link for this license.

For more details, please check Ordering an ESD License

Resolved Issues



EXL-5468Only one record is added in the list of the notifications sent to an account when the notification is for a failed payment.
EXL-4351The "Buy Licenses" button is not working in subscriptions list in Storefront if you have first searched for the subscriptions of a specific customer.
EXL-6083API method Post /api/Subscriptions/addon is not working
EXL-5985addonExternalID is missing for subscriptions that are created from the backordering mechanism
EXL-6086API method Get api/subscriptions does not return the trial subscriptions
EXL-6086API method Get api/subscriptions - Product code parameter is ignored
EXL-5403The "Edit Pricing Info" pop-up in subscription details page crashes for products with characteristics that have extra charges.
EXL-4946API method /api/Payments/add returns error because of wrong handling of the date fields
EXL-4081API method GET /api/Products/{productName} crashes when there are more than one products with the same name
EXL-6138Storefront base URL cannot be saved because it includes the "-" character
EXL-351Various dragging and sorting issues in reports results set.
EXL-6028Products are not copied from the update tenant reseller process.

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