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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Availability of Storefront v4 BETA

The first version of our new Storefront is ready including a new responsive interface, a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature and a revamped interface.

Responsive Interface

Navigating through your Marketplace is now available from mobile phones and tabletsA responsive Marketplace rearranges elements to fit any screen, giving the ability to your resellers and customers to use all Marketplace features on-the-go, monitor their cloud sales and take business decisions outside the office.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on search engines globally and get discovered by more people. Our new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature aims at improving the user-experience and usability of your Marketplace.

Next week we will reveal more about our new Storefront but you can always contact directly our customer success team for more details!

Microsoft Azure Reservations Available for your Tenant Resellers or Country Tenants

In this release we completed the Availability of Azure Reservations for your tenant resellers and country tenants. You can now add the "Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances" product in your tenant price lists for pushing it down by executing the "Update tenant" process.

Your tenants will be able to price the Azure reservation with the same way you do, but for your tenant the cost price for the Azure Reservations is the price they are purchasing from you and not the Microsoft cost price.

What's next?

The only functionality that is still work in progress is the BSS Ordering wizard. It is the implementation of an ordering wizard, similar to the one that is available in Storefront, for the account manager to be able to place order for an Azure Reservation from the "Buy a Reservation" action that will be available in the details page of an Azure subscription. 

On this page

Checking Customer's Qualifications for Specialized Office 365 Plans

In this release we improved the purchasing process for the non profit, academic and education Office 365 plans by checking customer's qualifications before executing the order. if the customer is not eligible to purchase a specialized plan, the checkout process will stop and the customer will be informed that he cannot purchase this plan.

Each plan and add-on is now categorised as government, non profit, education and commercial  and it's available only to customers that have the related qualification.

For more details, check please Ordering Office 365 For Specialized Industries

Resolved Issues



EXL-6638Storefront Authorize .net form hides the Save option in Bank Transfer option
EXL-6619Addition of an add-on from the "Add add-on" section in the product details page fails to be provisioned.
EXL-6630Retry of a cancelled add-on with failed sync status returns always failed even if the provisioning is completed successfully.

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  1. Athanasia Kourti  Haris Vagenas  Unknown User (n.daras) Athanasios Maragkos  Anastasios Tsipidis Vasilios Zografos Vicky Proikoglou Miltos Antoniadis Unknown User (p.smyrli)  Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha  the release notes for 3.24.11 are ready. I added also an announcement for the new CMS and more material will be ready on Monday.