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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Activation of Storefront v.4 BETA

We have activated Storefront v.4 to all our cloud deployments (Azure EU and Azure US) and we have also included in our installer the "Storefront v.4" component for our on-premise customers to activate it also.

For more details about the capabilities and the configuration options for Storefront v.4, check please Storefront V.4 (beta).

On this page

Microsoft Office 365 Trials

Microsoft allows their partners to to offer a 30-day free trial to customers who wish to evaluate O365 Premium, E3, E5 and other plans and can convert these customers to a paid subscription at the end of the free period. This release includes the first version of our Microsoft trials implementation where fully automates the offering of free trials to your customers via your Storefront. Our first version includes:

  1. Automatic management of available trials. The "Get Services Definitions" process  enables automatically the trial option to the corresponding Office 365 plans.
  2. Ordering of trials is now available in your Storefront. The "Try service" option will be available to all the plans that Microsoft allows free trial for 30 days.
  3. Upgrade of a trial subscription to a paid via your Storefront. 
  4. Trials are available for your tenant resellers and country tenants. Through the "Update Tenant" process your tenants system will also be updated with the available Office 365 trials.

Our system complies with the rules Microsoft follows for the trials since the following business rules are enforced from our system:

  1. Free trials do not automatically convert to paid. The customer must manually upgrade the subscription to a paid subscription.
  2. A customer cannot get two or more trials for the same Office 365 plan
  3. If a customer has a paid subscription, he cannot get a trial for the same plan
  4. If a customer has a trial subscription he cannot purchase the same plan. He must upgrade his trial subscription to a paid subscription

What's next?

In the next releases we will also support the following:

  1. Improvements for the upgrade process for your customers to be able to select the licenses and the add-ons they want.
  2. A BSS user to create a trial subscription 
  3. A BSS user to upgrade a trial subscription to a paid subscription

For more details, check please Microsoft Office 365 Trials

Microsoft Azure Reservations Ordering Wizard is now Available in BSS

In this release we completed the Azure Reservations BSS Ordering wizard. The account manager will now be able to place an order for an Azure Reservation from the "Buy a Reservation" action that will be available in the details page of an Azure subscription. 

For more details, please check Ordering an Azure Reservation from BSS

Support for Stripe SEPA Direct Debit Payments (BETA)

If you are registered in European Unit and your Stripe merchant account supports SEPA direct debit payments, you can activate it for having your customers and resellers paying by using their bank account. Your customer will be able to enter their IBAN details during the checkout process.

For more details, please check Support for Stripe SEPA Direct Debit Payments

Create a Credit Invoice for the Total of a Debit Invoice

If you want to create a credit invoice for the total of a debit invoice, you can now create this invoice by executing the "Create Credit Invoice" action that is available in debit invoice details page. The credit invoice that will be created will be identical with the debit invoice as  it will contain the same items and it will have the same total

For more details, check please Create a Credit Invoice for the Total of a Debit Invoice

ConnectWise Connector - Support for version 2019.3

We updated our ConnectWise Connector for supporting the API changes ConnectWise introduced from version 2019.3. The most important change was the support of Client ID, a unique GUID that must be assigned to each integration since It is required on all API calls.

Check ConnectWise Connector updated documentation for more details.

Rollback of Subscriptions that are Pending for Cancel 

You can now rollback a subscription with "Pending for Cancel" status by reactivating the subscription. For subscriptions with status "pending for Cancel", we now display in Shortcuts menu the "Activate" action where the BSS user can use it for rollbacking the pending cancellation.

Define your own BSS Logo

You can now define your own logo by replacing our logo from the Organization Settings section in setup area

New API Methods

In this release we implemented the following methods:

Available in API version 2.2 (header X-API-Version=2.2)

POST /api/Accounts/{accountId}/synchronize/{systemName}

It synchronizes the BSS account with an underlying provisioning system.

POST /api/Accounts/{accountId}/acceptagreement

This method is for confirming that the customer has accepted Microsoft's Cloud Agreement (MCA).
Available in API version 3.0 (header X-API-Version=3)

GET /api/contacts 

It returns all contacts using paging.

GET /api/contacts?$filter=accountId eq {accountId}

API version: 3.0

It returns account contacts by passing account ID.

GET api/contacts?$filter=accountName eq '{accountName}'

It returns account contacts by passing account name.

GET api/contacts?$filter=email eq '{username} or {email}'

It searched for a specific contact by his email address.

GET /api/contacts/{contactId}

It searches a specific Contact by his ID

Resolved Issues



IMP-2054Asset section is not viewable in Storefront if the "display invoices" option is set to false.
EXL-6709Convert Lite Reseller to Tenant - The accounts are copied with no value for the transaction currency property.
EXL-6764The failed sync status of the Reseller account is ignored during checkout
EXL-6793Notifications based on Azure subscription amount fails to be triggered if the notification has more than one condition.
EXL-6834Provisioning of Acronis service fails because of use of TLS 1.1 protocol
EXL-6703Product Importer fails when it is used from a tenant reseller because of null values in properties inherited from the root organization
EXL-6765Update of product via Product importer fails if the product has null value for one the prices field.
EXL-2830The tenant update process does not propagate to child tenant any changes to the trial period of a product.
EXL-5989The "asset creation" notification is dispatched regardless if the notification is enabled or not
EXL-6583The whole charge option is not working for product that have prorated billing enabled.
EXL-6653Reserved Instances Prices Import fails to update the prices when the excel file has different sheet name from the previous update.
EXL-6799"Instance" is set as the default unit when you update and save the billing cycle unit group
EXL-6842Changing the billing contact from the Storefront account page fails

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