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Kaspersky Lab Service Manager Launch

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. It is an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions and threat management systems for consumers, SMBs and enterprises.

From this release platform facilitates the provisioning and complete life-cycle management for Kaspersky services. The Kaspersky Service Manager can be activated  on any instance of platform easily, and offers a complete ordering, billing and automated delivery solution for Kaspersky services.

for more details, check please Kaspersky Lab Integration

Microsoft Office 365 Trials are now Available for Cloud BSS

This release completes the implementation of the Office 365 trials. The remaining features that included in this release are:

  1. Improvements for the upgrade process for your customers to be able to select the licenses and the add-ons they want.
  2. A BSS user to create a trial subscription 
  3. A BSS user to upgrade a trial subscription to a paid subscription

For more details, check please Managing Free Trials from BSS

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New Interface for the Integration connectors

In this release we have improved the interface for the activation and configuration of the integration connectors. Now the activation, testing and the update of your connector is much simpler. We introduced a new tool where you can compare your configuration (the JSON file) against the default implementation we have for the connector in order to identify any updates we have released for the connector and merge these changes with you customizations. We have decided to follow this approach because we don't want to override any changes you have done for your connector.

We have included these changes to the documentation we have for each connector. Check please Activating the ConnectWise Connector and Customizing and Testing the ConnectWise Connector as a sample of the changes we have introduced.

O365 Business Licenses - Allow 2 resellers to Place Orders for the Same Tenant

Microsoft allows two or more indirect resellers to manage different Microsoft services for the same tenant. Our platform already supports this scenario by allowing to have 2 sub-customers (that are billed to different resellers) to be linked with the same Microsoft tenant.

But for the business licenses, Microsoft has one more restriction that is that there can be only up to two subscriptions per tenant in the partner center. For allowing two or more resellers to place order for O365 business plans for the same tenant, we included in this release a mechanism that takes into consideration this factor too. The rules that we apply for the ordering of O365 business plans are the following:

  1. If the same reseller has multiple BSS subscriptions for the same business plan for the same tenant, we relate all the BSS subscriptions with a single MS partner center subscription and we manage the quantity accordingly. 
  2. If a second reseller wants to place an order for the same business plan for a tenant that has already a subscription for this plan under a different reseller, we accept the order only if a second subscriptions can be created for this tenant in MS partner center.

For more details, please check Allow Multiple Resellers to Place Orders for the Same Tenant

Define the "Separate Invoices" Option for the Accounts created from the Tenant Backorder Process

In this release we introduced the "Separate Invoices" option for the tenant resellers. This option will be used for the accounts that the backordering process will copy from the tenant organization to your organization. By checking this option, any account that will be created below your reseller in your BSS will have the options checked and the system will generate in your BSS separate invoice per reseller's sub customer.

For more details, please check Creating a Tenant Reseller.

Subscriptions Notifications can be Dispatched for each Billing Cycle

In this release we improved our notification mechanism by introducing a new parameter that will allow you to send the same notification each time a subscription is renewed (i.e for each new billing cycle). We introduce a new option for the "When to Send" parameter that allows you to schedule notifications that are sent once per renewal.

For more details, please check Send the same notification for each billing cycle.

Support for Stripe SEPA Direct Debit Payments 

In this release we complete the implementation for supporting SEPA direct debit payments using your Stripe merchant account.

For more details, please check Support for Stripe SEPA Direct Debit Payments

Storefront v4 Update

In this release we included bug fixes, support for Office 365 trials, support for landing pages and improvement on system performance.

Resolved Issues

Issues fixed in  3.24.13



EXL-6742Integration Framework - Syncing Invoice/Invoice Items before Subscriptions
EXL-6867Reports results are not loaded because of timeout
EXL-6868The renewed authentication token is not used for the Azure collection service
EXL-6879'Remove item' action in Storefront basket does not work
EXL-6880Tenant organization is not deleted from the rollback process when a critical error is raised during the Tenant creation process
EXL-6886Reports don't run because of erroneous data in date fields
EXL-6910Dropsuite Service Manager - Provisioning fails because of erroneous Χ-API-Version parameter
EXL-5387Integration Job Scheduler - Delete the job when the integration instance is deleted
EXL-6831A payment action creates two payment records in BSS
EXL-5257Deletion of an Integration instance does not work

Issues fixed in  3.24.14



EXL-6907If the Storefront v4 has been installed, to be available to all tenant resellers of this installation
EXL-6912The Update Prices process for the O365 products, sets zero price for the plans that have 30 days free trial
EXL-6593Dynamics NAV Connector - Issues with the Payments and Cases pull methods
EXL-6856Add payment action in Storefront is not working if there are two payment gateways both marked as the default gateway for Storefront payments.

Issues fixed in  3.24.15



EXL-6945Export of ESD assets from Storefront returns wrong set of data.
EXL-6858Manage your service option not available at checkout last step for trial subscriptions.

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