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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

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Max timeout for BSS Users

Until this release we supported only the idle timeout that is the amount of time a BSS session will remain active in case there is no activity from the logged in user. In this release we introduced the max timeout also that is for defining the maximum amount of time a BSS session can be active. Upon reaching this timeout, the BSS user will be logged out automatically and he will be forced to login again for continue working with BSS.

The max timeout can be defined in "Security Settings" in Organization Profile page. The default value is 480 minutes (8 hours).

Performance Improvements for the Checkout Process

We have implemented some improvements for improving the performance of the checkout process. We have made changes to the calls we are doing to external systems APIs for decreasing the delays you were experiencing during checkout.

Resolved Issues

issues Resolved in 3.24.2



EXL-6255Microsoft tenants with domain alias could not be synchronized from BSS.
EXL-6287When you place a Microsoft order for a new customer, a timeout is returned during checkout.

issues Resolved in 3.24.3



EXL-6261The MCA pop form return -999 error because of incorrect handling for date field.
EXL-5789Wrong billing period on invoices for products that have been flagged to maintain one subscription when you purchase extra licenses for your existing subscription along with an add-on.
EXL-6201Connectwise connector - Account pull method fails because of account currency.
EXL-6133The prices are not imported correctly from the products importer.
EXL-6299Avalara connector - The Billing services does not flush automatically the avalara token after parsing all organization invoices.
EXL-6095Error while trying to disable a unit during product's creation when the "Month" unit is not set as "is default" in the setting of the "Recurring charges" unit group.
EXL-6280When you uncheck the "is default" option from a unit in "Recurring charges" unit group, the system related the unit with itself.
EXL-6318AVG Service Manager - Issues with the upgrade and release licenses actions in Storefront.

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