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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Update Country & Reseller Tenant New Process

For improving the whole experience of updating the product catalogue for your tenant resellers, we have released a new version of the tenant update process.

  • In this new version, the update process is completed much faster since we keep track of the changes you did in the product catalogue (new product, prices changes, update of product groups, deactivations etc.)  from the last update and we push only these changes to the tenant reseller BSS. This will dramatically decrease the time the update will take to complete and it will be analogous to the set of the applied changes. 

On this page

  • We have introduced a queueing mechanism for the updates tasks and this means that the process will run in the background without the need to keep the browser open until the process is complete. You will be able anytime to return to the update page and see the progress.  We have also paid extra attention for avoiding any simultaneous updates initiated from our customers that may affect the performance of our cloud environment. We will add all the update requests in a queue and we execute them sequentially for not having any performance impact.

  • We keep a detailed log for every update that will be accessible from tenant reseller details page in BSS. From these log entries you can easily check what products have been updated and if there were any issues during the process. 

For more details, please check Update Tenant Reseller Process Execution and Update Tenant Log

Support for Azure Reservations BETA

This release includes our second deliverable of our automation mechanism for the Azure Reservations. It includes:

  • Prices Import tool - We have implemented a price importer where you can upload Microsoft RIs pricing excel and our platform will automatically update the cost prices since this excel does not include any suggested retail prices.

  • Update of available RIs - The list of the available RIs is updated every time you upload the Microsoft RIs excel in the prices importer 

  • Reserved Instances Pricing - Ability to add the RI product in pricelist by setting your margin.

  • Storefront Ordering Wizard.  An ordering wizard will be displayed when the customer selects to buy an RI from the details page of an Azure subscription. This wizard will have options for the customer to define what he is looking for. The prices in the wizard will have been calculated using the margin you have defined for the RIs. In this deliverable, the checkout process is not supported, it is part of the next deliverable.

For more details, please check Microsoft Azure Reservations (OLD EDITION)

Relate Credit Invoices with Debit Invoices Manually platform relates the credit and debit invoices that are generated for a customer by relating a newly generated credit invoice with the "oldest" unpaid debit invoice. This process is applied by default whenever an invoice is generated in our system, but from this release you will have also the option to set manually the relations between your credit and debit invoices.

From the view page of a debit invoice you can now manually assign or deassign a credit invoice.  .  

For more details, please check Relate a Credit Invoice with a Debit Invoice Manually

Resolved Issues



EXL-6185Logs grid timeouts because of too many records
EXL-6339Notification crashes because of "Leases. ExternalID" merge field
EXL-6116The "Asset Cancellation Request Completed" is wrongly triggered and is crashed for subscriptions cancellations requests.
EXL-6074Wrong charges for products with enabled the option "Charge the whole billing period"

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  1. Milena Kalatha  tomorrow we must send the release notes cc Anastasios Tsipidis

  2. Haris Vagenas  Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (n.daras)  Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi)  Anastasios Tsipidis  Milena Kalatha Vasilis Tsantiotis  release notes are almost ready (some more documentation for reserved instances remain). 3.24.5 has already been applied in EU and for US is scheduled for tomorrow. The release notes will be sent today

  3. Unknown User (n.daras)  Haris Vagenas  Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (e.gkalaitsi)  ta release notes kai to supported documentaion einai etoimo. Hari anelabe na steileis stous pelates pou perimenoun to new update tenant process oti eite mporoun na to dokimasoun (an einai sto EU) eite oti mporoun na katebasoun to patch gia na kanoun upgrade