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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Microsoft Azure Reservations BETA

In this release we delivered the final version of our Storefront Ordering Wizard  that includes improvements for faster loading of the available RIs . This wizard includes a set of filters (Data Center, Terms, Category, Cores and Ram) for the user to identify the Azure Reservation he wishes. 

The prices in the form are calculated dynamically based on the margin you have defined for your Azure reservations.
Note: The completion of the ordering process via Storefront will be completed in the next release.

For more details, please check Ordering an Azure Reservation from Storefront

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Resolved Issues



EXL-6274Products Importer - Fields that are not mapped in 2nd step of the wizard as set to null
EXL-6341Products Importer fails if the excel file includes empty and not null lines.
EXL-6341Products Importer - selection of the product type in the 2nd steps and an identifier for existing products is not working
EXL-6388Cancellation request submitted by a Storefront user is blocked when in the cancellation instructions the double quotes (") character is used.
EXL-6432As a BSS user I Assign Credit to Debit Invoice and Notification template is not sent

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  1. Milena Kalatha ta release notes are ready. Update sto EU shmera, US ayrio. Mporei na fygeu shmera to email?

    1. Apostolos Karakaxas  μπορει να φυγει σε 1 ωρα αν ειναι οκ!