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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Setting Microsoft Subscription Partner-On-Record field based on your CSP Status

Recently Microsoft introduced the following restrictions regarding the Partner-On-Record (POR) subscription field (it is the field for relating a Microsoft subscription with an indirect reseller):

  • For direct CSPs, this field must always be empty for Microsoft to include this subscription for the calculation of Direct CPS rebates.
  • For indirect CSPs, this field must be the MPN ID of the indirect reseller that manages this subscription.

For complying 100% with the above rules, we have done the following changes:

  1. We introduced in our system a way to define whether you are a direct or indirect CSP. A new field was added in Microsoft settings called "CSP Status".

  2. We removed the MPN ID field from "Microsoft Cloud Services" Settings page since CSP MPN ID is no longer related with the Microsoft subscriptions.
  3. The "Reseller (MPN ID)" account sync option was removed from:
    1. Direct CSP organizations
    2. Tenant resellers.
  4. The "Reseller (MPN ID)" account sync option was kept for:
    1. Indirect CSPs
    2. Country tenants of indirect CSPs

For more details please check Activating the MS Cloud Services in BSS and Account Synchronization Options.

Important Notice for On-premise Installations

If you are a Microsoft CSP with an on-premise installation of our platform, the 3.24.7 patch includes a form for defining which Microsoft Cloud Services instances in your root organization are for your indirect CSP status.

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EXL-6481Payment Gateways - A generic error is displayed during checkout instead of the the error we are receiving from Payment Gateway
EXL-5431Wrong billing cycle in invoice details page when the order includes extra licenses for existing subscription that is for a product that has been flagged to maintain one active subscription
EXL-5849The sell prices are not updated in country tenant because of faulty relation between the unit groups of the root and the tenant organization

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  1. Haris Vagenas  Athanasia Kourti  Unknown User (n.daras)  Anastasios Tsipidis  Vasilis Tsantiotis the release notes for 3.24.7. Milena Kalatha  prepare the release for today and mention that EU will be upgraded today and US tomorrow morning, but wait from me the green light.