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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Enforcement of Microsoft Cloud Agreement from 22nd of March

March 22, 2019 is the effective date for the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) customer confirmation acceptance. Beginning March 22, 2019, when a CSP partner initiates a transaction for a new or existing customer using the Partner Center API, Microsoft’s systems will automatically check if the customer confirmation information is present. If it is not present, the transaction will not be able to be completed.

In this release we removed from the MCA pop-up form the "skip" option, from both BSS and Storefront, for your resellers and your customers to be forced to confirm the acceptance of MCA before placing their order.

How this will be enforced in your system?

  • For the customers that are operated in Azure EU deployment, the 3.24.8 release will be applied on 21sth of March at 22:00 GMT.
  • For the customers that are operated in Azure US deployment, the 3.2.48 release will be applied on 22nd of March at 02:00 AM EST .
  • The customers that are having on-premise deployment must inform their IT teams to upgrade to 3.24.8 as soon as possible.

Check Confirm Customer Acceptance of Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) - NOT PUBLISHED for more details.

Microsoft Azure Reservations BETA

In this release we completed the ordering process for the Azure Reservation from the Storefront.

  1. Your customers and resellers can now order Azure Reservations with automatic provisioning and invoicing.

  2. They can see the details of the Azure Reservations they purchased in the Assets sections in the Billing area of the Storefront.

  3. In Workspace area of the Storefront there will be a link to Azure portal for managing your Azure Reservations.

  4. In BSS the purchased Azure Reservation will be visible as assets and they will be linked with the customer.

What's next?

The Azure Reservation integration will be completed in the next two releases where we will deliver the following:

  1. Availability of Azure Reservations for your tenant resellers and country tenants. Although the create / update tenant process copies the Reserved Instances product to the tenant, the necessary configuration steps haven't been fully implemented yet.
  2. BSS Ordering wizard. Implementation of an ordering wizard, similar to the one that is available in Storefront, for the account manager to be able to place order for an Azure Reservation from the "Buy a Reservation" action that will be available in the details page of an Azure subscription. 

For more details, please check Ordering an Azure Reservation from Storefront and Azure Reservations Assets

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Resolved Issues



IMP-1177The system applies the default pricelist of a product and not the pricelist that is related with the logged in customer.
EXL-6360Report is crashing if you remove a column that participates in results grouping
EXL-6576Azure calculator crashes when Virtual Machines group is selected
EXL-6536The list of country states are updated in the root organization from the values defined in the tenant organization when the backordering mechanism pushes to root organization an account with a missing in root organization state.
EXL-6517The plans of a product group in Storefront produce performance issues because they are not loaded asynchronously.

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