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You must upgrade first to 3.24.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Notifications for Updated Subscriptions

In this release we improved our mechanism for sending notifications for updated subscriptions. From this release a subscriptions is also considered as updated when it meets one of the following criteria:

  1. On Renewal. When a Subscription is getting renewed through any procedure we are going to consider it as updated it.
  2. On amount changing. A subscriptions is marked as updated when its amount is being changed. 
    Note: Specifically for the Microsoft Azure subscriptions, this means that are considered updated when we collect the usage charges and we update the subscription amount.
  3. On subscription status change
  4. On change quantity
  5. On adding an addon
  6. On changing add-on quantity and amount

For more details, please check Notifications for updated subscriptions

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Resolved Issues



EXL-4624API method /api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/protectedprices/set does not make the prices update on next billing cycle
EXL-6574Character "&" messes up the email templates menu in new email pop-up form
EXL-6635Microsoft tenant import tool fails for Direct CSPs
EXL-6639Provisioning of Microsoft subscriptions fail with error "The billing cycle for an existing subscription cannot be updated using update-subscription operation" because of issues with Microsoft API method PATCH  /customers/customerId/subscriptions/subscriptionId
EXL-6496Empty comment is added when the case status changes

Tenant update PopulateUnitGroups process fails If tenant has a unit (under Recurring Charge) that hasn't been copied from root organization.

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