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You must upgrade first to 3.25.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Microsoft Software Subscriptions BETA

Microsoft Software Subscriptions combine the immediate availability of Windows server and SQL server subscriptions through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. By bringing Server Subscriptions with Azure Hybrid Benefit to CSP, Microsoft is better enabling partners to grow their cloud solution practice by employing low-cost Azure VMs & server software to target and win more persistent cloud workloads. Until now, CSP partners have been able to sell only pay-as-you-go Azure virtual machines and had to use other licensing programs to acquire software subscriptions for Windows Server and SQL Server.

In this release we have included the first version of our integration that covers:

  1. Activation of the Software subscriptions products in your BSS. Software subscription products are managed by the same service manager we have implemented for the rest Microsoft cloud services. So, you must run the Updating the Microsoft Cloud Services Catalogue process for activating the Software subscriptions in your BSS. This process will create in your BSS the Microsoft Software subscription products you can resell.

  2. Update of their prices by uploading  Microsoft Software subscriptions price list excel spreadsheet. We have implemented a tool that facilitates the update of all Microsoft Software subscriptions products with prices from the official Microsoft partner center excel file. The process ensures that each month, the CSP catalog is maintained up-to-date.\

What's next?

In the following weeks we'll complete our integration for the Software subscriptions by delivering:

  • Ordering Software subscriptions from Storefront
  • Ordering Software subscriptions from BSS
  • Managing Software Subscription Assets

For more details, please check Microsoft Software Subscriptions

On this page

Service Manager API - Pre-check Actions

We have improved our Service Manager API by supporting pre-check actions. These actions can be used before the actual provisioning of a service for checking if all the business rules that apply for this service are met for the provisioning to be completed. The vendor will be able to define for which end points wants to activate the pre-check process in order our platform to initiate this process before the actual provisioning of the service. 

Resolved Issues




Basket crashes at Storefront v4 if the draft order status hasn't been marked as a default status.

EXL-7043Subscription cancellation in Panda system fails when multiple cancellation are executed in parallel in BSS
EXL-7125The default rebranding options of Storefront v3 are not applied correctly to Storefront v4 
EXL-6751Update tenant process returns error when the tenant has activated additional product units
EXL-7203View of an invoice in transaction currency crashes because of VAT relate issue
EXL-7179Storefront v4 - During checkout the link to generated invoice is displayed even when the invoices are not viewable in Storefront
EXL-6749Missing related MS plan ID from products copied to the tenant BSS.

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