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You must upgrade first to 3.25.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Microsoft Software Subscriptions - Availability of Ordering Process

In this release we completed the ordering process for the Microsoft Subscriptions from the Storefront.

  1. Your customers and resellers can now order Microsoft subscriptions with automatic provisioning and invoicing.

  2. They can see the details of the Software subscriptions they purchased in the Assets sections in the Billing area of the Storefront.

  3. In BSS the purchased Azure Reservation will be visible as assets and they will be linked with the customer.

What's next?

The Azure Reservation integration will be completed in the next releases where we will deliver the following:

  1. BSS Ordering. The account manager will be able to place order for Software subscriptions directly from BSS
  2. Software subscriptions availability for tenant resellers and country tenants. Support of ordering, provisioning and back-ordering for the Software subscriptions products from your tenants.
  3. Cancelation of Software subscription assets

For more details, please check Ordering Microsoft Software Subscriptions from Storefront and Microsoft Software Subscriptions Assets

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Resolved Issues




Wrong quantity is provisioned in Microsoft partner center when the purchase of licenses is executed from Storefront.

EXL-7231Cancellation request notifications are not dispatched when the request is placed but hours later

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha  release notes are ready. The update of EU / US will be done in a while. Send please the release notes in the morning

    Athanasia Kourti Athanasios Maragkos  Haris Vagenas  release notes are ready and EU / US will be upgraded to 3.25.4 the following hours. Check your issues and update the customers. cc Anastasios Tsipidis  Vasilis Tsantiotis