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You must upgrade first to 3.26.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Important Notice for On-premise customers - ACTION REQUIRED

In 3.26.1 release, windows services installed to the server hosts Administration component are replaced by new ones. Check please Renaming of platform Windows Services (3.26.1 release) for instructions.

Azure Budget Alerts are now available for Storefront v3

In this release the budget alerts are available also for Storefront v3. The budget alerts can be used by your resellers and direct customers to plan service cost.

With budgets they can:

  • View if the current consumption of their Azure subscription is reaching close to the cost budget. 

  • Define usage thresholds and compare their estimated usages with current usages

  • Receive alerts.  Alerts are notifications that are sent when a crossover of the current budget takes place

For more details, please check Setting Azure Budget Alerts.

New Edition of Acronis Services Manager

Acronis is a leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis products provide easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices.

The new edition of platform integration with Acronis provides the opportunity for all distributors and service providers to bill and provision Acronis Products both for server and local solutions. Our continuous work on upgrading this integration and staying aligned with the latest Acronis APIs, boosts our partners' revenues and enables them to stay up-to-date with the latest Acronis products. 

  • With the new edition you will be able to offer both backup plans and File Share and Sync plans.
  • You can define per plan which is going to be the gateway for the data storage.
  • You can offer 30 days free trial to your customers for testing the Acronis service before purchasing it. (work in progress - available in next release)
  • Your customers will be able to reset their Acronis password directly from Storefront workspace.

What's next?

In the following releases we'll support also:

  1. 30 days free trials for your Acronis services
  2. Checking mechanism for the acceptance or not of a cancellation requests based on the usage of the allocated quotas.

For more details, please check Acronis Services Integration

Stripe Payment Gateway - Support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Beginning September 14, PSD2 regulation introduced SCA requirements for many online payments made by European customers, to help reduce fraud.  In this release we updated our Stripe payment gateway to comply with the changes made by Stripe for meeting the new requirements.

Expiration Date is now Available for the Software Subscriptions Assets

The expiration date for a Software Subscription is now available when you are viewing the asset record in BSS or in Storefront. The expiration date is loaded by calling Microsoft API and it's the date that you can see also in Microsoft partner center.

For viewing this field, you should first run the "Get Services Definition" action for getting the latest definition of the Software Subscriptions product type.

For your existing Software Subscriptions assets, you can get the expiration date by editing and saving the asset record. This action will refresh the expiration date by making the call to Microsoft API.

This field is also available in our notification engine for sending to your resellers or customers reminders for the expiration of their Software Subscriptions.

Software Subscriptions are now Fully Supported for Tenant Resellers

In this release we completed the migration and the back ordering mechanism for the Software subscriptions of a Tenant Reseller.

  • Transfer of Software Subscriptions assets during the upgrade of a Lite reseller to Tenant reseller. The upgrade process will transfer to tenant's BSS the Software subscription assets that exist in distributor BSS. The transfer will be performed by the  "Transfer Subscriptions" actions.
  • Propagation of Software Subscriptions assets to Distributor BSS (back ordering). Software Subscription assets that are created in tenant reseller's BSS will be propagated automatically to Distributor BSS. The propagation will be managed by the back ordering mechanism that is already used for the subscriptions.  For more details, please check Copying Reseller Assets in Distributor BSS.

Managing Software Subscriptions from Workspace

The Microsoft Subscriptions your resellers or customers have purchased are now viewable in Storefront's Workspace. 

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Resolved Issues



EXL-7123Provisioning of non-profit Microsoft plans fails because of erroneous validation of customer's qualifications
EXL-6130GET /api/Invoices/accounts/{accountName} method fails if the account name includes the special characters <,>,*,%,:,&,\ 
EXL-7437Storefront v4 - Issue with self registration
EXL-7466Microsoft product catalogue  update fails because of double quite (") character in product's name
EXL-7475Wrong time zone for "Morocco Standard Time"
EXL-7520Unhandled error when trying to change subscription related MPNID from the "Change Account MPN ID" tool.
EXL-7547Storefront v4 - VAT validation fails
EXL-7636Storefront v4 - Missing translation for a string results a page to crash
EXL-7112RIs prices import - invalid data error
EXL-7486Avalara taxes are not calculated for an Azure invoice 
EXL-7498Activation of price protection fails if the subscriptions was has effective date more than a year ago
EXL-7507Stripe - error during checkout process
EXL-7538Add-on edit action fails because of pricing rounding
EXL-7436Activation of price protection via the bulk action is allowed for users that have only read access to the subscription.
EXL-7447Service Manager API - Subscription Create pre=check method sends invalid data
EXL-7478Storefront v4 - Support section is available even when the support extension is not activated
EXL-7527Storefront V4 - Checkout with Avalara - Invoice Final Price does not include Taxes when "Commit documents to Avatax" is false
EXL-7544"Tell me more" button should not be displayed if this option is disable
EXL-7559An error is not displayed if you are trying to activate price protection for an unsynchronized subscription
EXL-7595Storefront v4  - Register page - Register button should be enabled if "Privacy Policy" is unchecked
EXL-7622Provisioning of an asset product fails if a second product type is selected in the display rule of an asset custom field
EXL-7277Storefront v4 - The list of reserved instances assets in Billing section includes also the Software licenses assets
EXL-7505Storefront v4 - The add-on icons are not displayed correctly
EXL-7575A green icon should be displayed when the validation of customer's VAT is successful using VIES
EXL-7584Storefront v4 - No warning is displayed during registration if the email is already used
EXL-7565If you disable the price protection for a product the subscriptions remain under price protection even after the renewal at price protection anniversary
EXL-7569Stripe SEPA - Adding a payment for increasing available credit returns error when you press the pay button
EXL-7613Storefront v4 - When the session expires the logout action crashes

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  1. Milena Kalatha release notes work in progress. They will be sent tomorrow or Monday 

  2. Milena Kalatha  Pelagia Papoulidou  release notes are ready. Include also the new Acronis service manager. We must send them today. cc Anastasios Tsipidis