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You must upgrade first to 3.26.0 using the installer before applying this patch

These notes include also the the 3.26.5 release 

Exchange Rate is now Available in Invoices API 3.26.5

In this release we added in GET /api/Invoices a parameter for getting the exchange rate between customer's base currency and transaction currency. This parameter is called transactionCurrencyExchangeRate and returns the exchange rate that has been used for calculating the invoices amounts in customer's transaction currency.

External Identity Manager - Dispatch of Storefront User Activation Email 3.26.5

In this release we added the capability the system notification "Account Activation Notification" to be sent also for Storefront user that are registered in your Marketplace using an external identity manager.

Storefront v4 - Support for Authorize .net Payment Gateway 3.26.5

From this release we support payments transactions using the Authorize .net gateway.

Zendesk Connector - A message has been added in Zendesk Ticket if there are attachments 3.26.6

Our connector cannot push to Zendesk system any attachments the customer might add when he submits his ticket from your Marketplace. But for informing you that there are attachments available for this ticket, we added a message in the ticket we create in Zendesk.

The changes we are doing in our connectors are not applied automatically to your instances because we don't want to override any customizations you have done.  For getting this update and applying it to your Zendesk connector, you should follow the instructions described here. You should merge your existing customised Zendesk JSON file (that includes any changes you have done) with the new version of Zendesk connector JSON file that includes the new feature.

Storefront v4 - Support for the AVG Service Manager 3.26.6

In this release we have completed the full support of the AVG services in our new Storefront.

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Resolved Issues 

Issues resolved in 3.26.5



EXL-8027Payment description that include the apostrophe character (') is not saved correctly
EXL-8213Storefront v4 - Validation of existing tenant in "Service Details" checkout step fails
EXL-7769Payment amount is updated when it is linked with a debit invoice
EXL-7511PUT /api/Accounts does not update the values of the custom fields
EXL-8028Cancellation instructions are not saved when they have been written Hebrew
EXL-7868Existing Stripe tokens are considered invalid
EXL-2696Service Details step is not loaded correctly if in the basket you have a product and an add-on from different auto-provisioned cloud applications
EXL-8193Configuration options are not displayed when selecting to try a configurable product.
EXL-8181Commas and dot characters are stripped from order characteristics values.
EXL-8266Activation of am Office 365 trial subscription fails
EXL-8228Storefront v4 -  Subscription / Asset view - Icons are missing for editing the name
EXL-8171Subscription created in Tenant Rreseller is not propagated to Root Organization

Issues resolved in 3.26.6



EXL-8246Storefront v4 - Changing your email in My Profile page does not display correctly the warning that you have set an email that already exists.
EXL-7985Storefront v4 - The volume discounts link is missing for Pay-Per-Use product with add-ons
EXL-7984Storefront v4 - The prices of the add-ons'\u00A0'of a Pay-Per-Use product are not updated when you change the billing cycle
EXL- 8320Storefront v4 - Add-on prices and volume discounts for a Pay-Per-Use product are visible when the "Tell me more" option is enabled
EXL-8407Storefront v4 - Add-on description is not displayed for a Pay-Per-Use product.
EXL-8349The upgrade options of a product are not displayed correctly if the upgrade paths are for products belonging to the same product group.
EXL-8190Storefront v4 - The "view all features" link in subscription details page it should redirect you to the product group details page.
EXL-8191Software subscription expiration date cannot be retrieved.
EXL-8141Report for notification plans returns error.
EXL-7892The notification "Subscription Cancellation Request Completed" is not dispatched if the automatic cancellation action is enabled.
EXL-8367Storefront v4 - Multiple end-customer accounts are created because the save button is not disabled during processing.
EXL-8332Storefront v4 - New Storefront users are created with 'User Anonymous Access' as the responsible user.
EXL-8317Storefront v4 - The registration option 'Separate invoices per sub customer' for the resellers is not working.
EXL-8291Storefront v4 - The '&' character causes issues in product features tab.
EXL-8197Storefront v4 - Translation are missing.
EXL-8314Storefront v4 - AVG product details page - Products are not loading
EXL-8245Storefront V4 - MyAccount - Email should not be updated if validation fails
EXL-8244Storefront V4 - Landing pages (Order) - Buy action fails for product with not chargeable order characteristics.
EXL-8210The non-breaking space character '\u00A0' that exists for some Office 365 products causes wrong results when searching products in BSS.
EXL-7686Storefront v4 - A non profit add-on can be purchased from a customer that he is not qualified for Microsoft non profit products.
EXL-7849Storefront v4 - The "Try Service" button is available in a product group even if we have removed the default trial for this group.
EXL-8207Storefront v4 - The "view all features" link in subscription details page should be hidden if the subscription's product hasn't been published to Storefront.
EXL-4003The label "Default Catalogue" is displayed in Greek in an order item.
EXL-8421My Account page crashes.

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