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You must upgrade first to 3.26.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Support for Microsoft Customer Agreement

Starting 2109 October 1st, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Customer Agreement to the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. To facilitate partners' migration to the new agreement, the current Microsoft Cloud Agreement will be supported in the CSP program until January 31st, 2020. 

From this release we support the new agreement, but in parallel we will allow your customers and resellers to place an order if they have already accepted the old agreement:

  • Until January 31st 2020For customers already accepted the Cloud Agreement it will be optional to confirm also the acceptance of the Customer agreement. There will be a skip action for continuing without accepting the Customer Agreement.
  • From February 1st 2020: All customers must confirm the acceptance of the Customer agreement otherwise we will not allow the completion of the order.

For more details, please check Confirm Customer Acceptance of Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA)

Cancellation of a Credit Invoice

You can now set as cancelled a credit invoice from the "Cancel Invoice" action that is now available in the Shortcuts menu.

When you cancel a credit invoice, the following actions are performed from our system:

  • The option "Insert from invoice" is no longer available.
  • If this credit invoice was related to a debit invoice, it will automatically be de-assigned from the debit. This means that the amount paid by the credit is now unpaid again on the respective debit invoice. A comment is displayed below the cancelled credit invoice for notifying the user for this change.
  • Once a credit invoice is cancelled, it is no longer available inside the list of credit invoices that can be manually assigned to a debit.

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Resolved Issues 



EXL-8470A product that its price is updated via the Office 365 prices importer is not marked as a updated product and, as a result, the tenant update process does not propagates the new prices to the tenant.
EXL-7470External ID of asset records (RIs and Software subscriptions) is not updated to parent organization via the backordering mechanism.
EXL-8263Azure Pack - Estimated amount is not displayed correctly in ordering wizard.
EXL-8284When the cancellation of an add-on is aborted because the pre-check action of the service manager returns negative response, we don't inform the customer.
EXL-8408Acronis service manager - the provisioning actions should be completed successfully even if the account name in BSS is different than the tenant name in Acronis portal.
EXL-7817When we copy a product we should not copy also the relations between the product and the price lists.
EXL-8541The date validation in Microsoft MCA pop-up fails when the customer has a timezone different that the organization timezone.
EXL-8344When you add an add-on in a subscription, the unit price in pop-up form is not displayed correctly if you select to set user defined discount. 
EXL-8303If you change the account of a case record the save action returns error.
EXL-8252Subscription was renewed on day earlier because of timezone differences.
EXL-8237The user rights for a report are not applied correctly.
EXL-8230The payment Transaction ID is missing when payments are imported from import tool (via excel file).
EXL-8220Discrepancies in invoice item amounts because of rounding
EXL-5940Storefront v4 - Invoices sorting does not work.
EXL-8485Storefront v4 - Wrong string is displayed in Service Details page
EXL-8426Storefront V4 - Product details page -"You might find interesting section" scrolls out of the borders.
EXL-8553Storefront v4 - Due Date is displayed for credit invoice.
EXL-8550Storefront v4 - "View in transaction currency" option is displayed for credit invoice
EXL-8521Storefront v4 - At resolution 360 x 640 some buttons are hidden.
EXL-8437Storefront v4 -  For add-on partial cancellation you cannot define the quantity you want to cancel.

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