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You must upgrade first to 3.26.0 using the installer before applying this patch

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Resolved Issues 



EXL-8645The list of subscriptions in BSS and Storefront delays to be loaded when the customer has many Azure subscriptions.
EXL-8589Invoice hasn't been generated on renewal date.
EXL-8464Reports returns wrong results because of date fields offset.
EXL-7911Notifications are not dispatched automatically.
EXL-7652Scheduled actions on subscriptions are generated one day earlier because of time zone differences.
EXL-6683The backordering mechanism does not apply the correct pricelist for the add-ons that are created in the root organization.
EXL-8680Storefront v4 - Searching for accounts that contain multiple spaces does not work.
EXL-8325Service manager prechecks response are ignored when a BSS user applies an add-on to a subscription.
EXL-8711Storefront v4 - Authorize .net new credit card loader is always visible.
EXL-8686Storefront Registration via an external Identity manager is forbidden when BSS users have reached the max number.

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