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You must upgrade first to 3.26.0 using the installer before applying this patch

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Payment Gateway SDK version 2.0

This release includes the new edition of our Payment Gateway SDK.  the new version of our SDK is designed to enable the developer to add any payment gateway into the platformIt is designed to be highly extensible. This means that it can support any development of a new payment gateway. It also provides various tools that allow you to easily write and integrate a new payment gateway into the platform. The least prerequisite for writing a new payment gateway is to be familiar with writing C#.

For more details, check please Payment Gateway SDK (v2.0).

Resolved Issues 



EXL-6713Storefront v4 - The short description and the vendor details are not displayed correctly in products list.
EXL-6863Contract terms page crashes.
EXL-8744Error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' is returned during the provisioning of a service in tenant BSS because of the multilingual configuration of product type properties.
EXL-8359Taxation amount is missing for Azure invoices when the amounts are in customer's transaction currency.
EXL-8225The date is displayed in international format in the notifications for US customers.
EXL-8588Products that are updated from the API call PATCH /api/products/{productId}/pricing/prices are not marked as updated products and their prices changes aren't pushed down to the tenants from the update tenant process.
EXL-8828If the name of a customer contains the "&" character the system does not load his subscriptions in Storefront.
EXL-8834The combination of "different pricing rule" and "currency amount" pricing method has as result the pricelist prices in items list do be displayed wrong.
EXL-8824Extra licenses for a subscriptions are charged one day more.
EXL-8817cancellation requests scheduled from a BSS user for the future, are not executed on the desired day if you have added cancellation comments during cancellation post.
EXL-8692If the tenant schedules a pricing change for the next billing cycle in one of his subscriptions in his BSS, the backordering mechanism registers in root organization a "change unit" request.
EXL-8684When you change the pricelist for a subscription the unit price is not calculated correctly.
EXL-8767API method GetInvoiceItems - the cost field is returned as 0.00
EXL-8468The loading icon is displayed twice in Storefront pages.
EXL-8904The product importer is not working correctly when is used in a Country Tenant BSS.

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