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You must upgrade first to 3.27.0 using the installer before applying this patch

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Azure Reservations - Support for Monthly Payments

In this release we have introduced the monthly payments option for the Azure reservations. We have included in our ordering wizard the "Billing Frequency" option for your customers and resellers to define whether they wish to pay upfront or on a monthly basis. 

When Monthly billing is chosen, partners will be invoiced in equal monthly payments for the entire length of the term. From the details page of the Azure reservation will be able to see both what they have paid until now and which are the upcoming charges.

For more details, please check Azure Reservations updated documentation.

List of States Per Country Required by Microsoft 

We created a tool where you can easily find per country if the state field is required for tenant's billing address and which are the valid values.

This tool is available in Setup > Tools section and it's called "Country Information". This tool displays which are for Microsoft the list of valid states per country.

You can then use this information for updating the list of available states per country in Setup section.

Resolved Issues 



EXL-8769The product characteristics are not displayed in invoice printout if they haven't been flagged first to be visible in Storefront.

The features list in Storefront product details page is not displayed correctly if the feature title include the "(" character.

EXL-8598Order characteristics are not visible in Storefront
EXL-8520The cost price of an invoice item that is for an Azure reservation is always 0.

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