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You must upgrade first to 3.27.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Nebula Template for Storefront v4 is now Available

The Nebula template is the second template we have introduced for our Storefront v4 and It is faster, with fresh and fully responsive interface! From this release is available to all customers for using it as the default template for their Storefront.

On this page

We offer a preview mode where you can safely check and work with Nebula template before activate it. 


For more details, please check Previewing the Nebula Template

New API Methods

The following methods are now available for the version 3.0 of our API:




GET /api/pricelists/{pricelistId}/items

This method now returns also as pricelist items the products that are related with a price list via a price group.v2.2
GET api/invoice/{invoiceId}
GET api/invoices
GET api/invoiceItems/{invoiceId}

Amounts are now available in transaction currency too

For these methods we now return the invoice and invoice item amounts in both base and transaction currencies.

For getting the amounts in transaction currency you should pass the parameter transactionCurrency=true

For example, for getting the items of an invoice in transaction currency, you should call:


The fields that now available in transaction currency are the following:

  • Invoice
    • Total before tax
    • Tax Analysis 
    • Total
    • Unpaid amount
    • Total cost
  • Invoice Items
    • unit price
    • discount amount
    • original total
    • total
    • unit cost
    • total cost
    • promotion : unit price & total
    • usages:  unit price, total original, discount amount & total
GET api/orders

We added a new version of this method that returns results based on a specific filter:

Search criteria (filter)

  • code [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • name [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • status [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • accountId  [int]
  • accountName [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • biilingToId  [int]
  • billingToName [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • paymentMethod [string] (accepted operations: exact match, partial match [contains, starts with, ends with])
  • createdAt [accepted operations: greater than (&gt), less than (&lt), equal (=)]
  • updatedAt [accepted operations: greater than (&gt), less than (&lt), equal (=)]

Ordering (orderBy)

  • code [string]
  • name [string]
  • accountName[string]
  • billingToName[string]
  • createdAt [DateTime]
  • updatedAt [DateTime]

It is available in API v3.0

GET api/orderitems/{orderId}it returns the items of an order  by passing the orderId
It is available in API v3.0
GET api/orderitems/{orderItemId}/characteristicsReturns the order characteristics of a specific order itemv3.0

Products Bundles - Progress Status

Bundles are a new type of product we will introduce in our platform and it is work in progress the past months. With bundles, Distributors and Service Providers will gain the ability to include multiple products in one single Product SKU and a single billing event in better prices than purchasing all products separately.

Which use cases have been implemented until now?

  1. Definition of a Bundle product. Support of subscription-based bundles that consist of two or more recurring products or add-ons
  2. Adding a bundle product in offers and orders - Ability to add your bundles in offers or orders.
  3. Execution of an order in BSS that includes a bundle product:
    • Provisioning of the services included in a bundle and creation of a sub-subscription for each of bundle component.
    • Billing of the bundle as a single product SKU.  

Which are the use cases that are work in progress?

4. Placing an order for a bundle in Storefront. Ability to publish your bundles in the Storefront and allow your customers to purchase them.

5. Visual presentation of the master subscription (the bundle subscription) and the child subscriptions (the subscriptions for the bundle components) - Ability from the bundle subscription to view the child subscriptions that keep all the information for the provisioning of the bundle components. 

Although the use cases 1 - 3 have been released we strongly advise you not to publish any bundle products to your customers since the bundling functionality is work in progress and we have released the above mentioned use cases only for testing purposes. The first working version of the bundles functionality will be available as soon as we complete the use cases #4 and #5.

DPO Payment Gateway

DPO is a payment gateway provided by and offers payment processing solutions for Africa. By activating our DPO gateway you can accept credit card payments from your Storefront. Once DPO has been configured in your BSS, a new step will be displayed during checkout where the customer will be asked to enter his credit card details in a secure page hosted by DPO.

For more details, please check DPO Payment Gateway

Stripe - Option to activate only SEPA Payments

In this release we introduced a new facility for the Stripe Payment gateway: to allow only SEPA direct debit payments and to exclude credit card payments.

You can achieve this by selecting the payment types you want. 

For more details, please check Activate Stripe Gateway

Syncing a BSS Account with an Existing Microsoft Tenant

In this release we improved the synchronization process between a BSS and an existing tenant. What has changed is that when you define a domain prefix or a domain alias that belongs to an existing tenant we ask for your confirmation before proceeding with the synchronization.

Furthermore, if the Microsoft tenant is already synced with with another BSS account we will inform you before executing the synchronization.

For the details about the new process, please check Syncing a BSS Account with an Existing Microsoft Tenant

Authorize .net - Include Invoice ID in Payment Records

The invoice ID is now included in the information we are sending to Authorize .net when a payment transaction is executed from our platform. This will be useful for identifying for which invoice is a payment transaction.

Resolved Issues 



EXL-9081The bulk update of the access permissions is not working when the product belongs to a product group.
EXL-9159In the "Service Details" step in Checkout page, the MPNID field must be prefilled with reseller's MPNID.
EXL-9341Notifications haven't been dispatched because of the size of the pending notifications queue.
EXL-9469Subscription cancellation request is not been dispatched.
EXL-9349MPNID update tool is not working properly for direct CSPs
EXL-9214A pay-per-use product cannot be created when the quantity limit in its product type has been defined to be equal or greater than 1.
EXL-4342When a product is activated or deactivated in the root organization the "update tenant" process does not apply the product status change in tenant's BSS.
EXL-7869Product pricing via excel file returns the price in organization currency and not in account currency. 
EXL-8948An inactive volume discount is still displayed in Storefront in product's details page.
EXL-8757Account's Monthly Run Rate (MRR) field in reports is not calculated correctly when there are subscriptions with volume discounts.
EXL-9167The plans of a product group are not displayed correctly when a plan has as required a product that hasn't been published to Storefront.
EXL-9329In Storefront, the promotional message should be displayed in discount analysis section.
EXL-9347The GET /api/invoiceItems/{invoiceId} returns the items in wrong position when it is called for the analytical items.
EXL-9406The "Customers also bought" Storefront section should not be displayed when "Suggestions to customers" option in setup has been set to false.
EXL-9399 The promotion message should not be displayed when a product has been published in Storefront only with the "tell me more" option.
EXL-9402The support tab in product details page in Storefront should not be visible if no support material has been uploaded for this product.
EXL-9437Storefront v4 Blue template - keep a category expanded when you select a product that belongs to a sub category.
EXL-9409Payment gateway settings page crashes when the gateway does not support payments using a bank account.
EXL-9139The "update configuration" option is missing for Azure pack products in Storefront.
EXL-9220The ondemand calculation of prices in Storefront causes performance issues. 
EXL-9314Microsoft import tool - The tenant country should be collected by tenant's Bill-To-Info section. 
EXL-9326The basket item change quantity functionality is not working correctly when the action is executed from a mobile device.
EXL-9328The terms of use option should be removed from the landing page.

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