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You must upgrade first to 3.27.0 using the installer before applying this patch

Microsoft Vetting Process for Academic Customers

Microsoft has discontinued the Authorized Education Partner program in order to facilitate and simplify the transaction of Academic-priced offers and products by our resellers. As a result, the Education reseller qualification for CSP partners is no longer required. Instead, they have introduced a vetting process where the status reflected near real time in the customer’s Partner Center account screen.

From this release our platform is compliant with this new process and we are using Microsoft API for initiating the vetting process when a customer purchases an education plan. We update customer's qualification using the MS API and then, based on Microsoft response, we complete or not the check out process.

For more details, please check Vetting Process for Education Plans

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G Suite Flexible Basic Plan Add-ons

Google offers under the Flexible Basic Plan the Google Drive and Google Vault add-ons. These add-ons are built-in for the Business and Enterprise subscriptions but are an option for the Basic subscription. 

  • With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google Docs from a web browser or any device where you have installed your Google Drive.
  • Google Vault is an add-on for G Suite that lets you retain, archive, search, and export your organization's email for your eDiscovery and compliance needs.

From this release, our G Suite Service Manager supports the ordering and the provisioning of these add-on for the Basic plan. 

For more details, please check G Suite Flexible Basic Add-ons

Microsoft Tenants Importer - Manual Association between End Customers and Resellers

The "Get Hierarchy" action we introduced in our MS import tool is using the MPNID info, that is kept on the subscriptions, for finding out which are the indirect resellers and for associating tenants with these resellers. But, this process has the following gaps:

  1. If a tenant has no active subscriptions in partner center, he is not related with a reseller and is displayed as direct customer in the results set.
  2. If a reseller is not related with at least one subscription in MS partner center, is not collected from the "Get Hierarchy" process. 

These gaps have as a result our tool not to be able to import tenants below their resellers if there isn't at least one subscription that "binds" them. 

In this release we covered these gaps but introducing new actions for manually associating resellers with tenants:

  • You can now add a new reseller in the matrix list of "Get Hierarchy" using the "Add Reseller" action
  • You can assign tenants to a reseller using the "Assign Reseller" action

For more details, please check Manual Association of a Reseller with an End-Customer

Currency Culture is now Applied to Notifications and Printouts

In this release we implemented the amounts in notifications and printouts to be displayed following the currency culture as defined in Setting Currency Options.

Availability of Japanese Date Format (YYYY/MM/DD)

The format YYYY/MM/DD is now available as one of the available date formats.

Resolved Issues 



EXL-9710Internal Server Error while executing GET/api/Subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/pricingInfo
EXL-9071Credit invoice is not generated if the acceptance of a cancellation request is executed after subscription renewal.
EXL-9294Duplicate RI products are created in tenant resellers.
EXL-9589Microsoft Customer Agreement link is missing from the pop-up.
EXL-9344Field "Product Has Terms" is missing from reports.

API - The unit cost in invoice items is 0 for Azure items.

EXL-9631Zendesk Connector - The ticket requester is not passed correctly to Zendesk.
EXL-9635Storefront - Scrollbar is displayed in Basket Items when there is a product with many decimals and addon icon is displayed twice.
EXL-9636A friendly error message must be displayed in Storefront login page for SSO token errors.
EXL-9659New Reserved Instances types are not displayed on Nebula template
EXL-9669The Teams trial offer is not provisioned successfully if the product does not have as code the Microsoft's offerID. 
EXL-9712The quantity action must be unblocked for failed subscription for fixing min quantity related issues.

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