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Integration with Authorize .net - Customer Profile Email

In this release we changed the way we store customer's email in Authorize .Net. From now, for setting account's email in Authorize .net, we are using account's corporate email.

  • If no corporate email has been set up, the credit card details pop-up page includes a field for setting this email.  This email is submitted to Authorize .Net and it's also used for setting account's corporate email. 
  • If a corporate email has been set up, the credit cards details pop-up doesn't include any email field since the existing corporate email will be sent to Authorize .net

Every time account's corporate email is updated, we update also the profile stored in Authorize .net. Platform - Sales & Billing

Use of UI cultures for displaying currency sign

The positioning of the currency sign is determined by the default currency of the organization and the user's preferred language. Platform - Storefront

Icons and service names in OSS Workspace to be a link for setup area 

For enhancing user experience we activated the icon and service name in OSS workspace to be links for service setup

Increase of maximum number of products per landing page

In this release we increased the maximum number of products a landing page can have from 10 to 20.

Third-party Integration: Citrix CloudPortal Service Manager

Enable / Disable user action available to 'read-only' workspace

In this release we added in Storefront workspace the option to enable or disable users even if the workspace run in 'read-only' mode. Until now, this option was available only when the workspace as in 'full-access' mode.

Check for uniqueness of company domain

In this release we added a check for the company domain to be unique. This field is compulsory for the synchronisation of a customer with CPSM  when the primary domain policy is enforced. In this case, we enforce company domain uniqueness for restricting two customers in Citrix CloudPortal service manager to have identical primary domain. This check applies when:

  • A customer is self-registered in Storefront
  • A customer is self-registered via a landing page
  • A reseller creates a new end customer
  • An account manager syncs a account from inside BSS Platform OSS

Enhancements to Lync 2013 Service Manager

In this release we added the following features in our Lync 2013 service manager:

  • Ability to create lync plans directly from inside Cloud BSS. Every product of Lyn 2013 type, it's considered to be a Lync plan and it is automatically translated to a Lync plan in Cloud OSS upon product creation.
  • Support for add-ons. We support to create add-ons for activated extra features
  • Management of Lync user through Storefront Workspace. The customer administrator can now add create lync users with specific plan from the same interface he manages user's emails.

Redesign of "Private network" step in Virtual Machine creation wizard

In this release we redesigned the 'Private Network" page. This is the page where the user selects the private IP address for the virtual machine he is about to create.

CloudWorks Service Manager - Cloud Firewall Enhancements

  1. No need for Cloud Firewall reboot when a new cloud server is added in customer's space 
  2. Support for Cloud Firewall provisioning in Hyper-V. We implemented the provisioning of Cloud Firewall to be supported in Hyper-V too apart for VMWare.




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