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Release of Billing API

In this release we published the first version of our Billing API. The Billing API is designed to enable 3rd party applications to apply several billing actions available through BSS portal by simple RESTFul calls. Supports API calls for:

  • Invoices
    • Get invoices generated in Cloud BSS
    • Cancelling an invoice
    • Setting an invoice as paid
  • Accounts
    • Creation / Update of an Account
    • Get Account Billing Options
    • Generate Account Invoices
  • Payments
    • Get Payment Details
    • Add Payment
    • Batch Import of Payments

For more details check Billing API page in our Knowledge Base. Platform - Sales & Billing

Support for Piraeus Bank Tokenization Payment Gateway

In this release we expanded our support for Piraeus Bank Payment Gateway by supporting the tokenization method. The tokenization mechanism allows an organization to bill recurring charges using a token collected by PIraeus gateway.

  • Token Generation. When the customer adds in Storefront a new credit card, Piraeus will return a unique token that will be stored in Cloud BSS and it will be used for recurring payments.  
  • Use of existing credit cards in subsequent purchases. The customer will be able to use his existing credit cards in subsequent purchases since the system will load during checkout a list of customer’s existing credit cards using a masked form of the credit card number Piraeus returned on first transaction.
  • Credit Card management via Cloud BSS. Piraeus doesn’t support API for amending an existing credit card (e.g. to change the expiration date) or for deleting the credit card. So, the only actions that a BSS user will be able to apply to a customer credit card will be to set card priority or to set it inactive.
  • Automated recurring billing. When a subscription will be renewed for the next billing cycle, the system will charge automatically the generated invoice by calling Piraeus “Paycenter Transaction Web service”. The transaction will be executed using credit card’s token. If the customer has registered more than one credit cards, the token for the card with the highest priority will be used. 

Support for VIVA Payment Gateway

In this release we added support for VIVA payment gateway. A customer, that has a merhant account to VIVA, can activate VIVA payment gateway in BSS to:

  1. Accept credit card payments via Storefornt that will be processed by VIVA
  2. Bill recurring charges automatically. When a subscription will be renewed for the next billing cycle, the system will charge automatically customer's credit card.

New User Interface for Pricing via Excel File

In this release we added a new user inteface to set the pricing of a product via an excel file. In product details page, in the "pricing" section, we added the action "Pricing via Excel File" for setting the pricing inputs and outputs.

The steps for defining the pricing via excel for a configurable product (for example, for a cloud data center) are the following:

  1. Upload the excel file in Document module of Cloud BSS
  2. Open Pricing via Excel File pop-up and:
    1. Select the excel file uploaded in 1st step
    2. Define the inputs for the calculation of the price
    3. Define which excel cell is the unit price for the default billing period (e.g the monthly cost). If the product is available in more that one currency, you must define one output cell per currency Platform - Storefront

Redesign of Workspace UI for Hyper-V service manager

In this release we redesigned the user interface for managing the virtual machines created using the Hyper-V service manager. We aligned the UI for this service manager with the UI we are already using for virtual machines created using the CloudWorks service manager. So, starting with this release we have a uniform user interface for all our IaaS service managers. OSS

CloudWorks Service Manager - Support for multiple disk volumes in Cloud Data Center

From this release we support the capability of adding  and attaching additional disks to existing Cloud Servers that have been created in a Cloud Data Center. Users will be able to create virtual disks on the fly, select the desired size and IOPS metric and attach them to a Cloud Server of their choice. A virtual disk can also be detached online and reattached to another Cloud Server. This new functionality will allow for up to 15 virtual disks per Cloud Server.



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