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Date: 16 May 2016 Platform - General

Tenant Reseller Creation Process

In this release we redesigned the process how a tenant reseller with his own branded Storefront and Cloud BSS is created automatically.  A tenat reseller can be created via the Channel > Tenant Resellers module.

When a Service Provider creates a new tenant, our platform creates a new organization for this reseller by copying in his organization all the products he is allowed to resell.The creation process is the following:

  • Reseller's organization general configuration. The organization of the reseller is configured by inheriting service provider's configuration
    • Currency, Country and  Timezone. These options are defined from service provider when he creates the tenant reseller.
    • Customization of entities default fields. All default fields (e.g. order statuses, offer types etc.) are copied from service provider's organization
    • Notifications, notification plans  and print-outs. Exact copy from service provider's organization
    • Storefront Configuration. We copy all rebranding options from service provider organization. Initially, reseller's Storefront will be an exact copy of service provider's Storefront
    • Users and Groups. We create an admin user, a common group and a defult permission rule that gives unlimited access to all users
  • Product Catalogue. The products that are copied in reseller's organization are the products  included in the selected price list. 
    • Products and add-ons. All products and add-ons that belong in selected pricelist are copied in reseller's organization. We copy also associated unit groups, price groups, categories, volume discounts, industries, unit of measures, product groups  and product types.
    • Products pricing. All products inherit the pricing options service provider has defined. The cost price is calculated from the selected pricelist and the sell price is service provider's retail price.
    • Marketing material. All marketing material the service provider has defined for publishing the products in his Storefront is copied to reseller's organization. The reseller can of course amend them if he wishes.
    • Provisioning settings. If the copied products are provisioned automatically (e.g. IaaS services supported from Cloud OSS, Office 365 services etc.), reseller's organization is configured based on the synchronization options the service provider has defined for this reseller in his Cloud BSS.

Upon completion of copy process, reseller's organization is fully functional. Platform - Sales & Billing

Redesign of Products Trials

In this release we redesigned the process of enabling a product trial.  From this release a customer (a direct customer or a sub customer of a reseller) is allowed to have only one trial per service since we have removed the functionality to allow a customer to have concurrently more than one trials for the same service. Also, when a customer has an active trial he cannot purchase the service but only to upgrade his trial to a paid subscription.

The business rules we have enforced for the product triasl are the following:

  • An Account will be able to ever have only one trial subscription for the same product.
  • If an Account has an Active, Suspended or Inactive trial subscription for a product, this Account will not be able to create a paid subscription to this product, unless the trial subscription is cancelled.
  • An Account that has a paid subscription to a product cannot initiate a trial subscription for the same product.
  • A trial subscription is created always having 1 as quantity of the underlying product. The quantity for the trial susbcription cannot be changed during the trial subscription lifetime.
  • For configurable products, where the user can amend the resource allocation prior to creating the trial subscription, this allocation remains as is for the entire lifetime of the trial subscription.
  • An Account that has an active trial subscription cannot purchase the product of the trial subscription. The only options are to upgrade the existing subscription to paid and then proceed to amend other elements of the paid subscription according to the Accounts wishes. E.g. add resources to a datacenter or increase the quantity of licenses for Hosted Exchange.  

For more details, please check the Enable Product Trials page.

Apply a Promotion only once

We have added in our promotion module the option to define a promotion that will be applied only the first time the customer purchases the promoted product(s). 

By enabling this option, the promotion will be applied only the first time the customer purchases a promoted product regardless the quanity he has selected.

Analysis of Total & Cost Amounts for Offers / Orders

From this release the total amount and the cost amount of an offer or order are analysed to recurring and non-recurring amounts. Furthermore, the recurring amount is analysed per billing cycle. If for example you have in an offer items that are billed one-off, monthly and yearly, the total amount and the cost amount are broken down to one-off. monthly and yearly amounts. Platform - Storefront

Storefront Self Registration to Require Approval First

In this release we added the option to activate an approval step before allowing a self registed user to login in Storefornt and places orders.  This option is enabled in Setup > Administration > System Options > Storefront Configuration and is available only if the self-registration option has been activated for your Storefront.

By selecting this option for your Storefront, an anonymous user is able to self register but his request must be accepted internally before allowing him to login in your Storefront. The process that is following:

  1. The user self registers and is informed that his request is pending for approval.
  2. The system creates the registered user as an account in BSS but with no access to Storefront.
  3. A notification is sent to an internal user you have defined for informing him that there is a pendig request for registration.
  4. The BSS user can accept or reject the request after reviewing the account in BSS
  5. Upon request acceptance, the customer will receive an email that his account is active. Then, he can login to Storefront for placing orders


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  1. Unknown User (d.poulianou) Για δες τα release notes και πες μου αν έχω ξεχάσει κάτι. Θεωρητικά περιλαμβάνει όλα τα major features που βγάλαμε στα 3.6.101 - 103. cc Vicky Proikoglou

    1. Unknown User (d.poulianou)

      Τα τρία ζητήματα που βρήκα επιπλέον είναι τα: Piraeus Payment Gateway, VIVA Payments Integration, Implement Licensing for Cloud Platform Editions, αν και για τη Viva δεν είμαι σίγουρη ότι έχει ενεργοποιηθεί.

  2. Unknown User (d.poulianou) Την Πειραιώς και την viva τις είχα βάλει στα release notes στο 3.6.0. Άρα θα προσθέσω μόνο τα editions.. Η viva μια χαρά παίζει την έχω δοκιμάσει