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Go to start of metadata platform facilitates the provisioning and complete life-cycle management for AVG services. The AVG Service Manager can be activated  on any instance of platform easily, and offers a complete ordering, billing and automated delivery solution for AVG services.

Activating the AVG Service Manager

The first step to employ the AVG solution to an instance is to activate the AVG Service Manager. This action will enable the necessary components in platform so that you can then import the available AVG SKU's and configure the presentation layer in the form of an AVG Product Group. You can see how, reading the instructions below:

Managing the AVG Products

The AVG ordering experience is different from other services in platform. AVG services are quite a lot and multiple ordering actions are allowed, so we have employed our 'Wizard' facility to offer a seamless ordering experience for your customers! How you can have everything in place? Lets start with the basics:

Ordering a New AVG License from Storefront

Ordering AVG licenses is performed through the Storefront 'wizard' facility. This, ensures that the selection of SKU's and actions is made seamlessly and easily from the customer. This article will guide you on how to use the wizard

Upgrade & Renew AVG Licenses from Storefront

Increasing Seats of AVG Licenses from Storefront

Ordering AVG Licenses from BSS

Increase Seats, Upgrade & Renew Actions from BSS

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