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Go to start of metadata offers a straightforward facility to configure the Xendit payment gateway. After acquiring your merchant account to Xendit, you can activate it in your BSS for accepting credit card payments from your customers.

Acquire Api Keys from Xendit Account

For getting the API keys you should create a new account on xendit official site After you have logged in you can find your api keys in Settings > API KEYS

For having a merchant account compatible with platform, you must disable the 3DS support in you account by making a request to xendit support.

Configure Xendit as  Payment Gateway

Follow the steps below for configuring Xendit gateway in your BSS:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System options > Payment Gateways and click Add


  2. Expand the drop down list and select Xendit
  3. A new pop-up screen will appear where you will fill in the test Xendit  account details you collected from Xendit site.
    1. Enter the test and live keys that you have obtained from Xendit
    2. Check the Is Active box
  4. Click Save Gateway

When you have completed the testing of the environment you can go Live by checking the Live Mode box.

Now that the Xendit gateway is activated in Cloud BSS, the last step is to create a payment method that will use the Xendit gateway.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System Options > Payment Methods
  2. Create a new payment method of type Credit Card and Xendit as the selected Payment Gateway

Testing Xendit Payment Gateway

For testing the gateway, you must do the following:

  1. Make sure that you have unchecked the option "Live Mode" in the Xendit details page

  2. Use one of the following test credit cards

Card number


Expiration date


Any three digits e.g. 123

current month + current year


Any three digits e.g. 123

current month + current year

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