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IwCP offers a straightforward facility to configure the First Atlantic Commerce payment gateway. After registering to First Atlantic Commerce you can proceed to setting up a the environment for checking the process and learning how to work with it. Then, just as easily, you can proceed with switching to live and get ready to accept payments from your customers! 

Creating A Hosted Page

First Atlantic Commerce gives you the option to create your own custom page that will be presented to the user each time he needs to enter his credit card details. You may also opt to use one of the templates already provided by First Atlantic Commerce.  

  • Login to the administration panel of First Atlantic Commerce by visiting for the test account or for the live account. 
  • Goto Administration → Profile → Hosted Payment Pages
  • Add New
  • Set "Page Set" to something like your company's name, because users will see this in the URL and it builds trust to see your company's name ie. interworkscloud when checking out ( Note that it will be used only in the URL. It won't be visible anywhere else )
  • Set "Name" to something that describes the page's role, usually "payment" is just fine ( Note that it will be used only in the URL. It won't be visible anywhere else )
  • Pick a template ( CheckOutWithValidation is one good option to start from)
  • Set "Publish Email" to an email that will be contacted if the page needs any changes if First Atlantic Commerce finds so
  • Make any changes you like on the editor or leave it as is
  • Click "Publish to Gateway" when ready

Detailed information of how to manage the Hosted Page you can find in Hosted Page Implementation.pdf

Configure First Atlantic Commerce as a Payment Method

Follow the steps below to configure First Atlantic Commerce Gateway for your IwCP:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System options > Payment Gateways and click Add


  2. Expand the drop down list and select First Atlantic
  3. A new pop-up screen will appear where you will fill in the test First Atlantic Commerce account details

    1. MerchantID : Provided to you when you registered to First Atlantic
    2. Password : Provided to you when you registered to First Atlantic
    3. Hosted Page Set : What you used when created the hosted page
    4. Hosted Page Name : What you used when created the hosted page
    5. Marketplace callback base URL: The URL of your Storefront
    6. Live Mode : Check this when you you finished testing the gateway and want to go live
    7. Active : Check this so that the gateway is enabled and shows up as an option in the Payment Methods
  1. Click Save Gateway

Now that the gateway is activated in Cloud BSS, the last step is to create a payment method that will use this gateway.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System Options > Payment Methods
  2. Create a new payment method of type Credit Card and First Atlantic as the selected Payment Gateway

Going Live

After you have completed the testing of the environment using the test keys, you can switch the environment to 'Live' using your production credentials provided to you by First Atlantic Commerce on your registration. 

The process for getting the keys and defining your Storefront as one of your payment sources, is similar to the process described for the test account. 

Don't forget to activate the live mode

When you have finished with the activation of your business account, you must go to Setup > Administration > System options > Payment Gateways > First Atlantic and enable the live mode option.


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