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IwCP offers a straightforward facility to configure the Paymill payment gateway. After registering to Paymill you can proceed to setting up a test environment for checking the process and learning how to work with it. Then, just as easily, you can proceed with switching to live and get ready to accept payments from your customers!

Acquire Paymill test Keys

  1. Log in at your Paymill merchant account
  2. Navigate to Development > API Keys and copy the 'Private test key' and 'Public test key'

Enable Paymill as a payment method

Follow the steps below to configure Paymill Gateway for your IwCP. Note that there are two operating modes, a 'Live' one and a 'Test' mode for testing your infrastructure.

  1. In order to activate Paymill, navigate to Setup > Administration > System options > Payment Gateways. Click 'Add'

  2. Expand the drop down list and select 'Paymill'

  3. A new pop-up screen will appear where you will fill in the test Paymill account details you collected from Paymill site.
  4. Leave the 'Live mode' check box unchecked.
  5. Check 'Is Active'. Click 'Save Gateway'


Create the "Paymill" method of Payment


Activating Webhooks

Paymill supports the creation of webhooks, to capture information about most events that take place through the Paymill system. Here is how you can configure some basic webhooks for your IwCP:

  1. Navigate to Paymill site. Go to Development > Webhooks. 
  2. Click 'New Webhook'

  3. At the pop up screen, select the 'Type' as 'URL'
  4. Fill in the 'URL'for your IwCP installation. The url is of the form: , where you will replace the part with the domain of your IwCP installation.
  5. Check the event(s) about which you wish to collect information. Click 'Create'.


Going Live with Paymill

After you have completed the testing of the environment using the 'Test' mode, you can switch the environment to 'Live' using the production keys from Paymill. 

In order to go live with Paymill you will need to activate your Paymill 'Live' account. If you have not done this already, you can find the respective links on your Paymill dashboard.

To change the keys and activate the 'Live' mode at your BSS, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System options > Payment Gateways. Click 'Paymill' from the list.
  2. At the pop up screen fill in the respective 'Live' keys from Paymill. Keep in mind that you should also fully activate your 'Paymill' account prior to receiving your production keys. 
  3. Check the 'Live Mode' option. Click 'Save Gateway'.




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