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One of the capabilities that is offered from platform, is the creation of tenant  resellers, who will also have their own 'white label' Storefront.This procedure creates a new, dedicated BSS organization, under your root organization, also having its own Storefront portal that can be branded with the resellers marketing material. Also, you can manage the range of products that will be inherited to the new BSS. After the new setup is complete, tenant resellers are able to manage their customers from their own BSS and have a personalized footprint with their Storefront.

Creating a Tenant Reseller

You can initiate the tenant creation process at any point, once all the business prerequisites are met. The operation is executed through a queuing mechanism that ensures successful completion of the process, even in cases where there are multiple such processes active. Furthermore, upon initiation of the process the user is not required to monitor this through the application window. They can logout of the platform and can check the progress at a later stage. 

To create a new Tenant Re-seller, follow the next instructions:

  1. In the view of the account click on Create a Tenant Reseller.

  2. Fill in the fields.

    • Price List : Link the pricelist you wish

    • Language, Time Zone, Date Format : According to regional preferences
    • Edition : Choose in drop down the edition that the tenant BSS will created. Available licenses are 'Basic' and 'Premium'.
    • Separate Invoices. This option will be used for the accounts that the backordering process will copy from the tenant organization to your organization. By checking this option, any account that will be created below your reseller in your BSS will have the options checked and the system will generate in your BSS separate invoice per reseller's sub customer.

      This option can change any time by editing this page.

      The backordering process will check the value of this option the time the account will be copied in your BSS. After the creation of the sub customer in your BSS, you can change this option for a specific account from the account details page in your BSS.

      Changing this option in the tenant reseller details page will be used only for the new sub customers that will be copied in your BSS.

    • Administrator Account : Under this section, you must fill in the details of your tenant's administrator credentials. These will be used to log in to the new BSS.
  3. Click on Save button to start the creation of the tenant reseller.

    During of creation the following warning may appear, click OK in this warning and the process will be continued.

Process Execution

The process that generates the new tenant reseller is optimized in several ways in order to offer full control to the BSS user. Let's see the execution steps:

  1. When the user activates the process (Step 3 of the previous section) the system will take the user to the 'Tenant Resellers' Module. There, you can see information on the tenant resellers that exist in the system. The user must click on the 'Processes' tab to view the details of the creation process:

  2. The 'Processes' tab offers information about the process execution like Process NameStatus, Progress and Creation date.

  3. Clicking on the process name the system shows information on every task that is completed during the process. There the user can also see the progress of the process.

  4. Upon completion the system highlights the end of the process. The reseller is ready!

  5. When the process is finished, at the 'Basic Information' tab you will find the Client ID, which is necessary in order to login to the new tenant BSS.

The logs of the creation process are kept and you can access from the log records we are keeping for each update action.

Login to Tenant Reseller BSS

For logging in to tenant BSS you must use username and password you had defined in previous step and the ClientID the system generated for this tenant.

The BSS URL is the same one that you are using as distributor for accessing your BSS.

Your tenant is not fully operational yet! Check the following paragraph for understanding what you should do next.

What's Next?

After the successful completion of the tenant reseller, you must do the following:

  1. Train your tenant reseller by following the basic or premium playbook we suggest
  2. If your tenant reseller was a lite reseller first, you must follow the upgrade process described in Upgrading a Lite Reseller to Tenant Reseller
  3. If you tenant reseller is a new reseller you will need to activate the back ordering mechanism 

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