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For the automatic provisioning of Acronis Backup application, we have implemented a service manager that handles the provisioning of the service to the end customers but also supports the reselling of the service from your partners.

Getting the Authentication Credentials for Activating the Integration

For activating the Acronis Backup in platform, you must have either a direct partnership agreement with Acronis or a partnership agreement with

  • Enrolling in the Acronis Service Provider Program: as an Acronis Service Provider, you will receive your own Acronis credentials. These are the credentials you need to activate your own integration with Acronis in your own deployment of the platform (i.e. buying your own licenses directly from Acronis and reselling them to your resellers or end customers).

  • Becoming an Partner: is a global service provider for Acronis applications. By joining our partnership program, you will be able to resell Acronis applications to your customers and resellers (that you buy from In this case, you will receive the authentication credentials from your account manager. For more details, contact our sales department.

Activating the Acronis Cloud Backup in Cloud BSS

For activating the automatic provisioning of Acronis Backup application, you should do the following:

  1. Navigate to BSS Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup and select the settings for the Acronis Cloud Backup

  2. Fill in the credentials form:
    1. For Acronis Partners:
      1. Acronis REST API URL: This URL varies depending on your geographical region and you will get it from Acronis along with your account credentials
      2. Acronis Username and Password. The credential as partner of Acronis.
      3. Distributor Username and Password. If you are an Acronis distributor, these credentials are the same with your Acronis username and password. If you are reselling from an Acronis distributor, these credentials must be provided to you by your distributor.
    2. For Partners:
      1. Acronis REST API URL: Enter
      2. Acronis Username and Password. The credential you will receive from your account manager.
      3. Distributor Username and Password. These credentials are credentials and we will provide them to you.
  3. Save the form
  4. In settings of Acronis Cloud Backup a new field has been displayed 'Acronis Backup Gateways', fill in the properly gateway.

Getting the Product Type for Acronis Cloud Backup Application

The last step of the activation is to get the definition of Acronis Backup application. For doing this, you must run the Get Services Definition in Acronis Settings page. This action will create the Acronis Backup Storage product type in your Cloud BSS.


You can locate the Acronis Backup Storage product type in BSS > Setup > Billing > Products > Product Types. 

This product type has the following property:

  • Storage (GB). This is a product characteristic that can be used for defining in the Acronis products the storage the customer will get. It can be used also for defining storage add-ons for your products.
  • Local Storage (GB). The customer can backup his data in local storage also. This property is for setting for each of your plan the quota for the local storage and for creating add-ons for extra local storage.

You can proceed by learning how to define your Acronis Products   Next


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