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The service manager we have implemented for the automatic provisioning of Microsoft ESD services is been based on Microsoft CIS API (Channel Inclusion Services (CIS) Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)). Microsoft has exposed this API for creating perpetual licenses to their partner's end customers. 

Each ESD reseller that is using Platform for offering MS ESD services, must generate his own authentication credentials (Channel ID, Client ID, Certificate Thumbprint) for activating the automatic provisioning of MS ESD services via Platform.

Activating the Microsoft ESD Services in Cloud BSS

For activating the automatic provisioning of MS ESD services, you should do the following:

  1. Navigate to BSS Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup and select the Settings for the Microsoft ESD.

  2. Fill in the credentials form:
    1. System Name: Is the name of the instance that the user is about to create
    2. Recourse API: Is the production endpoint for the data
    3. Service URL: Is the production endpoint for the data
    4. Azure Active Directory Tenant: Is the way of Tokenization
    5. Channel ID: Is the Bill To Account ID that has been provided by Microsoft
    6. Client ID: Is the Microsoft's ID of the distributor

  3. In order to select the Certificate Thumbprint, Country and Language you have to fill all the other mandatory fields as described above and save the Instance.
  4. Fill the rest of the mandatory fields
    1. Certificate Thumbprint: Is unique per Distributor/Country/Language of charge

    2. Country: Is the country that the ESD products will be provided.
    3. Language: Defines the products that will be created at the Get Services Definition action.

ESD Distributors that are eligible to resell in multiple countries/regions

If you can resell ESD services in different countries/Regions you have to own different client IDs for each country.
If this is the case you should create a new ESD instance for each Country/Region that requires separate certificate in order to download the available products for each instance.

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