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In order to activate the Kaspersky integration within you must activate the respective Service Manager. This action will enable the necessary components in platform so that you can then import the available SKU's and configure them at Storefront. You can see how, reading the instructions below:

Getting the Kaspersky Credentials

It is assumed that there is a standing agreement with Kaspersky Labs and that Kaspersky Labs has provided the necessary credentials needed for the integration.

Configuring API Access on BSS

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup > Kaspersky Lab Services > Settings

  2. There are some attributes there, that define the connection to Kaspersky API:
    1. System Name: Here you define how the instance is called
    2. Client ID: This is the partner code that has been given by Kaspersky to the company

  3. Once you fill in the credentials click 'Save' and select the 'Get Services Definition' option. The popup will highlight the services that will be update through the process. Click 'OK'

  4. Once the process is completed the system will show three reports, containing the outcome.

    1. New products: A list of all new services that are available

    2. Discontinued Products: A list of services that have been discontinued from the last time the system was updated

    3. Updated Products: Services that have some changed elements, like 'Name'.

  5. After the process is finished, click 'Close'. 
  6. The first time the process is executed, the system will create the Kaspersky Services product type under Setup > Billing > Products > Product Types

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