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As part of the regulatory compliance sub-module of the platform, you can activate a facility for collecting the consent of customers for using their personal details. The feature is added on the registration page where new customers are on-boarded on the platform, but existing customers will also be able to provide consent. The consent component also features a mechanism to allow the customers manage their consent status and also keeps the consent logs for future reference. This page will guide you on how to enable and maintain this option.

How to Activate the Consent for Personal Data

in order to activate the feature follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administration > System Options > Storefront Configuration > Tab: 'Privacy Policy and Terms of Use'
  2. Check the 'Display Privacy Policy in Registration Page' flag, to show the Privacy notice at the Storefront registration page.

  3. For setting the message that will be displayed to the customer, fill in the text box under 'Privacy Policy Statement'.
  4. You can use the 'Privacy Notice' box to compile the text of the Privacy Notice that will be shared with the customers.

Make sure that you keep the [PrivacyPolicy] parameter within the 'Privacy Policy Statement' text box. Otherwise the customer will be unable to retrieve the Privacy Notice text!

What will the Customer See at Storefront

Upon activation, the consent feature will be displayed at the registration page:

The customer can provide the consent during registration, by checking the appropriate flag, or can provide consent at a later stage by following the next steps:

  1. Log in at the Storefront
  2. Navigate at 'My Account' > My Profile page
  3. Locate the Consent option and check the flag.
  4. Hit update!

How Can I See Who Has Given Consent

At some point you might need to have information on which users have provided consent. This comes particularly handy when you need to arrange a marketing campaign. See how you can do that:

Checking a Particular User

You can easily check if a particular user who has given consent by loading the record on BSS:

  1. Navigate to Office > Contactsand locate the contact in question (you can also locate the contact through the account)
  2. The 'Opt-in' field shows the current consent status

The Opt-in field is displayed once the privacy policy is activated !

Checking Multiple Users

You can leverage the Reporting component of the platform, in order to extract a report that will show the contact details, filtered by the 'Opt-in' field

Retrieving Consent Logs

You can access all past consent data through the Cloud Platform log facility here 

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