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Activating Authorize .Net Gateway

This page describes how to setup your merchant account and payment gateway in the Platform using

Using Authorize .Net for Credit Card Payment via Checkout

Once Authorize.Net is configured at your Cloud BSS, a new step will be displayed during checkout, where the credit card details are filled in. The payment is automatically routed and upon successful completion the subscription is created. This page contains information as to the checking out process with Authorize.Net integration.

Paying Recurring Subscriptions using Authorize .Net Gateway

When the end user first registers a credit card during checkout, Authorize .Net exchanges a token with platform and uses that at every subsequent transaction. No data are stored at platform apart from last 4 digits of the credit card. However, there are times when the automatic charge can fail (e.g. when the credit card has zero balance). For those cases, can support manual handling of payments.

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