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BSS Setup Tools hosts various tools that facilitate important administrative / maintenance actions within the platform. Access to the section is subject to user rights. 

It is important to note that the tools found at this section can significantly amend critical parts of the system. Therefore it is advised to use them with caution and after consultation with your Customer Success consultant!

To access the Tools section navigate to BSS Setup > Tools.

Subscriptions Validation / Reconciliation

You can use this tool for reconciling the MS O365 BSS subscriptions with their Partner Center equivalents. The tool offers Partner Center details about each subscription, but more importantly it validates BSS subscription vs Partner Center and reports the findings on a user friendly interface. Additionally, it can be used to apply corrective actions if it detects an issue.

For more details, please check Reconciling Microsoft Subscriptions Quantities

Import Customers Tools

This tool is used for importing partner center tenants in BSS. This is particularly handy during the initialization of the system by a CSP partner that has already started transacting through CSP Channel. The tool supports MS tenant import under both 'CSP Direct' & 'CSP Indirect' partnership levels.

For more details, please check Bulk Migration of your Existing Customers & Subscriptions

Update Product Prices

This tool facilitates the update of all Microsoft 365 license based products with prices from the official Microsoft partner center excel file. The process ensures that each month, the CSP catalog is maintained up-to-date.

For more details, please check Updating MS O365 Prices

Change Account MPN ID

This tool is used for updating the MPN ID of an already synchronised BSS account or subscription. By selecting the option "Update MPN ID to Microsoft" you can also update the Partner-On-Record field of the subscriptions in Microsoft Partner Center.

Organization - Language translation management

This tool can be used for the customization of existing language packs and also the introduction of new language packs. 

For more details, please check Language Pack Management

Terms of Use - Get Logs

During any kind of order through online portal,  end-users may be asked to acknowledge their consent to specific products or services 'Terms of Use'. The system stores the information and this tool is for retrieving the log file.

For more details, please check Log Records

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